Trouble is my middle name ( original story)

Daddy is always clear about ‘ no men’, I’m feeling very bratty. I need someone to play with me, I don’t need a man for that but some hot girls and toys sound just fine.

I wait for a weekend that he’ll be gone, get some girls lined up for a ‘ girl weekend at my House’. It looks as though I’m gonna have a great weekend! I do set up an online ad for some extra girls to come over and have fun. I got plenty of responses. The house will be full from the sounds of it. My girls and I will need plenty of food and alcohol. 

Daddy left  for his weekend trip. That was cutting it close. Hope he didn’t see anything, food/ alcohol. He didn’t say anything just kissed me good bye and said to behave myself! I get to making snacks and ‘finger’ foods for all the girls coming over tonight. I’m ready for guests!!

By 8 pm there is the first knock at the door. It’s a cute blonde in shorts and a revealing top,she’s got friends with her, all girls!  oh my am I horny! Sort of wish Daddy was here to see this. I’ll take pics for him. Umm no I won’t, if he knew what I was up to he’d be pissed. Ok, no pics, no mention of this on any of my social media. 

More girls come through the door, as does more food and alcohol. Music up loud, alcohol flowing, beautiful women dancing. Party seems like a success. Women wearing barely anything at all. Nature took it’s course, a few girls have already had the same idea I had, fun! Girls kissing, some heading down the hall to the bedrooms. I need to find a girl for me though. I see her at the other end of the room. I’m looking at her, she’s staring back at me. She’s so hot. Dark hair, blue eyes, cute outfit with plenty of curves, and just a lil dominant. I’m not sure how submissive I feel but i gonna see where this goes, if the dominant one goes badly I’ll bring out my bitch side, she’s not my Dominant. Lol. My dominant is gone for the weekend and I’m in charge of me! 

She makes her way thru the group of girls and she’s standing in front of me. She wants to get me a drink, get to know me. I’m up for that. She hands me a drink, we make small talk for a few mins. She pushes me up against the wall and her hands are all over my body. I’m wet before she ever gets between my legs, once there she feels how wet I am, smiles at me, goes in for a hot steamy kiss. She grabs my wrist and we head down the hall to mine and Daddy’s bedroom. I hear more and more girls enter the house, I don’t really care.

Once in the room, there’s already a girl sitting on the bed,naked. I’m liking where this is going. The dominant girl pushes me towards the girl on my bed. Girl on my bed opens her legs and the dominant one wants to watch, there’s a big surprise. Who does that to me? I’m thinking… Wait for it… Daddy. I kneel before this girl and my hands slide over her body. My tongue needs to explore as well. She’s moaning and I love that sound. I’ve got my fingers inside of her while working her clit, dominant girl is off to the side playing with herself while watching. Now that’s different…Umm not really, I’m thinking all dominants must be pretty much the same! 

While me and the girl are switching our positions, I hear this loud ass noise getting closer. It’s from outside the house. OMG! It’s bikers. No no no… It’s not him is it? How the fuck did he find out what I was up to? I’m dead. I need to hide. Oh Fuck.

I move the girl off of me, to peek down the hall hoping I’m wrong, front door flies open, holy shit this time it’s not girls. But it’s Daddy and his club. Apparently one of the girls was making a video of the ‘ wildest girl party’, plastered it all over YouTube and lo and behold, he saw it. He sees me down the hall, naked, in the doorway of our room, “stop right there” he says in his angriest voice. I’m thinking ‘ fuck that, I need a window, a guardian angel, or just let me die right here’. He’s down the hall before I could move, he’s got a hold of me. 

” Care to tell me what the fuck is going on?”

” I get a choice? Then, not really,no”

” You have 2 mins to explain, that’s your only choice” 

The dominant female is heading his way, trying to tell him that I’m hers. He laughs and pushes me aside, grabs her by the throat, “She’s fucking mine, that was her only choice years ago, she’s not allowed to go now, but having a party without my knowledge” he shoots this look of death at me. I want to run,but for some reason I’m frozen with fear. The naked girl starts caressing his dick, he looks down at her,

” You’ll get that soon cutie, once I know WTF is going on” he pushes her on the bed. 

” I didn’t invite any men, only girls, your rules” I say

” What about all the other rules?” He says

” I can only do one rule at a time, I wanted some fun, I was horny, I also wanted some alcohol, and you were busy and you were supposed to be gone all weekend, how did you know what was going on?”

” Next time you throw a huge ass party Babygirl, confiscate all cell phones, the girls in the living room gave it away, it’s all over social media, we are throwing the ‘ party of the year’, next time, there won’t be a next time, but get rid of the phones. Now you’re gonna play hostess and feed a shit ton of bikers. They are pissed, hungry, and horny. I’ll take care of you later” 

My night of sex and alcohol became a night of serving bikers food and alcohol. Watching a bunch of ppl get it on right where they were. Our couch had lots of cum on it, eww. Have this feeling once I pay for this party, I’m cleaning up by myself .
Daddy was mad, but after I pulled off ‘ the party of the year’ there was a bunch of happy ,well fed ,liquored up bikers, happy half naked chics, well let’s just say Daddy was pleased, sort of. Man has a memory like an elephant.  As the last person left the party,He took the three of us girls to our bedroom for sex and punishment. You can figure out the rest!!

I said my middle name was ‘ trouble’. Lol, what did you expect.


Oh the things that I think

I’m worried about lots of shit, here’s part of my list:

Deal with a bankruptcy

Deal with SSI

I need a newer vehicle

Check with MVD

He keeps telling me spankings are coming. 

I will need to start looking at places to live. March is around the corner, I need a plan since my lease is up soon. A hotel might be the answer til I can save up deposits.

Do I look for a new job or hope this one works out fine

I’d like to spend some god damned money on myself. I’m always on the back fucking burner

I hope my son gets his truck running soon, cuz I’m beyond tired, and no one gives a fucking shit

I need some fun. Not sex, but actual fun. I used to be a fun party girl. I really just need to feel like I’m full of life, but sitting at home day after day, weekend after weekend is making me moody as hell. Listening to His fun filled weekends makes me jealous and resentful. I’d like to party with Him, but in 2 years we haven’t had time to do much. I could handle more fun. And by fun, I mean fun, not just sex. 

*This new talking thing is wow*

I think I should start a list of things I want to do.

1. Go to a casino. 2. Party my ass off. 3. I like museums. 4. Monster trucks. 5. Weekend trips. 6. Go see supercross. 7. I will think of more stuff

I will be getting His permission to go and do, go and just be. I need to feel alive again. I need to be around ppl. I need FUN. I know He’s busy, but I need to be out of the house. My babygirl side needs out.

I will just have to get used to go doing stuff alone. I’ve done it before, I can do it again. 

Well, I’ve got lots on my mind, I’ve got some drinking to do! Lots to get done soon

Dirty dreams

I woke up so horny. He would only let me touch but I couldn’t cum.  I figured it was best to not touch at all, cuz I needed to cum. 

It begins like this… several ppl getting ready for a party.  Daddy is talking it up with some guys. I arrive with 2 females and lots of food. We start bringing stuff in to this home where people are, but the party doesn’t start til later. My eyes meet with Daddy’s,  and we make our way to each other, it was the first time we had seen each other that day and I needed His attention in this moment. He is standing before me, reaches in to kiss me like He does, He is running His hands over my body and when He gets to my ass He is running His hands over my ass and just stops.

“Babygirl, are you wearing panties?” He growls to me in a deep voice. 

I can’t look Him in the eye, cuz I know what He expects, ‘no panties’. Without looking at Him i nod my head ‘yes’. He puts His hand up to my chin and makes my face look up at Him. I know not to move til I’m released. 

‘Im sorry Sir, I forgot I will go take them off now’. He has look of deep anger on His face. His eyes burning into me. I move my eyes away from His. I wait for His instruction. 

“turn around.” He says as He’s pulling me to Him. Everyone is looking our direction. I am facing away from Him now.  He yanks my jeans down in front of a room full of people,I just close my eyes. I know He doesn’t care who’s watching when He corrects me. I feel cold steel on my skin, near my hip. He cuts thru the side of my panties, then does it to the other side, pulls them thru the back. He has them in His hands now.

“Pull your jeans up now”. I can sense how angry He is. He turns me around to look at Him as I’m pulling my jeans up, and says,

” We will continue this at home”. 

All I say is, “Yes Sir”

The party is on, it’s going great all night long. In my dream I’m hoping it never ends. I don’t want to face Daddy, but I know it’s inevitable. He keeps an eye on me all night long. I make sure I get whatever He needs, but I’m dreading later. He still has that look on His face. 

He lets me know that He’s saying bye to His friends, I should go clean up quickly, we will be leaving in 20 minutes. I do as I’m told. I help clean up. As I’m still busy helping the other girls,  He walks up behind me and says, “let’s go now”. I look at my friends, give a half smile and I’m at His side heading to my car, He lets me know He expects me to go straight Home and wait for Him since He will be right behind me. “Yes Sir” , He closes my door and walks to His bike. I pull out of the spot, head home. As I’m driving home, I am wondering where this will lead . How bad can this get. Considering Daddy is a complete sadist I know I’m in big trouble. I can see Him in my rearview mirror behind me a ways.  

I pull into our home, Within minutes He’s right behind me. He is walking fast up to me, I don’t know what to do, He grabs me by the hair and pulls me thru the door, the dogs can feel His anger and they just move out of the way.  He’s guiding down the hall, by my hair to our bedroom. He finally let’s go of my hair but with a push, I land in our bed. He’s standing there, ” strip “. I go to speak, “say nothing, not one word unless I tell you to answer” 

I get up off the bed, start taking off my clothes,  He’s just watching. I’m not sure what His thoughts are, but this can’t be good. I see Him unbuckle His belt, tears start to well up in my eyes. I hear the leather as it’s pulling out from each belt loop.  It’s my least favorite sound. He motions for me . I go to Him. He grabs my arm pushes me to our bed, bends me over. I’m waiting to feel His wrath on my ass. Tears are already in my eyes, I had no idea He’d be so upset. I wasn’t trying to anger Him. 
He comes up behind me, tells me to sit on the bed. I do. He lets me know He’s angry, but with never hit me out of anger. I’m listening intently. He lets me know that now we are together,  I have not much room for error.  I know my rules.  I’d better adhere to them. He lets me know the fear I felt all night was real, next time. He has other plans for me tonight. He strips down and I see he’s ready to go. He pushes me to the ground carefully, I know what to do. I give Him what He wants. 
As soon as I feel Him stop, I wait for His direction. He puts His hands out to me, helps me up. He pulls me close says, “let’s have some fun”. He wants me on the bed, I obey. He is on me in mins. Inside me, making me moan. I am not sure how to feel this moment. He’s got my body going crazy for Him, like only He can do. I can tell my body needs release, I ask, “Daddy can I cum plz?”  Daddy is smiling now, He has a plan to make me pay for not following the rules. I’m thinking I know where this is going. He starts to speak, “Babygirl, you may NOT cum, not til I say. You didn’t follow the rules, there has to be consequences. Now that we are together full time, I don’t see you getting away with anything, do you? It goes my way Babygirl, only my way,  it’s not negotiable. Do you understand?” I shake my head ‘Yes’, tears flow, this is a way worse punishment then spanking. I know what’s coming.

“Now open those legs for Daddy ” I know I don’t get a choice, I open them up wide for Him. I can’t fight him, I signed up for this, but I won’t forget my rules again after this night.
Now you see how I woke up horny,  but all alone in my bed. No Daddy next to me.



Dream alittle dream

Daddy is always foremost in my mind, I’m attached! He’s in my dreams, on my mind.

For many reasons that I think I can sort of understand I just don’t know how to tell Him how attached. To me, it sounds clingy, or desperate.  Which those 2 words don’t describe me. But this new thing that happens to me is just astonishing to me somehow. If I talk about Him, think about Him to long tears well up in my eyes, or they will start to softly flow down my cheeks.

My girls have made comments to me that they have known me for a long time, but have never seen me like this. They ask ‘what’s up with you?’ . They know I’m not much of a crier. I don’t get sentimental. I hate all that fairytale and love bullshit. But if you’ve never had that before, or even experienced it, then you can mock what you don’t know.

As I’m talking to my girls. I now have a new surprise to show them, a gift He recently gave me and shocked me with, a beautiful ring! I told them how He just gave it to me, no big meaning as it is just from Him since I have been required to wear a ring for months to symbolize ‘I’m taken’ and for men to respect. As I spoke I had tears quickly. They look at each other and just smile, then look back at me.

Each one of them saw it. My girl, Chance said, ‘Honey you are really in love’ Your body is telling you, just how much you love Him.

They start asking me questions, I slow them down. They want to know if I said
‘I love you’ to Him.
I shyly answer,  ‘Yes’ .

They all seem happy for me. I let them know I took my time before I said it, the look on their faces doesn’t seem to shock or surprise them.
‘That sounds like you!, goooo  superrrr  slowwww’. They all giggle.
‘ Funny bitches’ (me) ‘ I don’t go that slow’
They stop talking to me, start talking about that. Thank god she’s not the guy in the relationship it would take her years to move forward.
‘So not funny’ I say, ‘ what’s so wrong about going slow?’
Dead silence , no one answers. A few of my girls I know that they say they are like me, take it slow. But do they really?

I don’t like putting things on timelines. I don’t like rushing things that need time. Relationships need time. Especially when you’ve gotten it wrong so many times before. Besides what’s the rush for? If we are meant to be together, when we want long term, does that mean I need to speed things along?

I told them all that my Master had told me himself, He likes my pace. No woman had ever given Him that, and it was nice not to be in hyper speed. There is room to just breathe, think about how things can/should go. My only expectation is ‘don’t go, I want you to stay I my life, for a very long time Sir’
He seems ok with this request, has not denied me this request. Has spoke of wanting that too.

So, my girls listened. They got teary when I spoke of our connection. The love He shows me. How He trains me, corrects me. Things that are private stay private, always. Like only one knew that I had told Him I love him. The rest were in shock and awe. They have known me a long time, and know I have never said those words since single, and only on special occasion to any exes, since I hold no special occasion in my heart you can guess how often they heard it, hardly ever. Damn I knew then I didn’t love either of them.

Well, back to my point. I do hold my Master in my heart! Deep within. I do wish for a long life with Him. I honestly do love Him with everything in me. I see this is my forever! ( while I said something similar to this , I was softly crying again. What the hell is wrong with me. Is it my new med? Is it that I’ve gotten dehydrated in the last week at work? Why the water works? My girls smile, try to console me. I look at them, cuz I’m not a big hugger unless I want to.
‘Honey, you are really in love’ ,they say
‘ yeah, I know that, but what’s with the damn tears all the time?’ (Me)
‘ maybe since you’ve waited so long for the love of your life, tour body can’t help it’

They talk amongst each other, I’m listening. There words are about me. Look how many she’s dated, never gave a shit about any of them, never tears for them. Never cried over those exes.

I break it up, ‘ I love my kids, but you don’t see me action like this over them’

Here comes that stupid smile again,ugh,
‘Honey, this is much different,  it’s deeper. You won’t spend the rest of your life with kids, ty might be an exception,  but still they are meant to go. He’s FOREVER! He loves you! You finally love someone! Really love someone! No more ice queen. We thought you had no heart. (Middle finger up). You finally found what we all talk about all the time, you make snide remarks about.’

‘I don’t talk about Him all the time?’
They smile, ‘you never shut up about Him’
(Me), ‘ I dont?’
‘ we’ve been wondering when you were leaving this one, but you haven’t. Lucky guy.’
(Me), speechless… doesn’t happen often. ‘ I love Him, I’m staying right where I’m at, no plans to go’

Laughing, giggles, congratulations explode.

(Me),’ what the hell just happened here?’

You expressed a thought, a loving thought, not like you’re stone cold self.

(Me) ‘bitches’, I grin. I guess they are right. I would go to the ends of the earth for Him. I would want Him always with me, as we age and grow old, eventually. I would take all His pain away , if I had the ability. I want His happiness always ,even if it meant He didn’t want me.

That’s true love… I guess, or as I’ve been told. I never had this before, ever. I’m enjoying it. But not the crying part, that shit could stop, hasn’t yet. I don’t tell Him, I guess cuz tears to me are a sign of weakness. Maybe I should tell Him, or maybe I just did.

The thought of Him not being in my life, kills me. I would be half living, half curled up in a bottle somewhere, just don’t try to save me. I don’t wish to live like I did before Him. Especially since I can’t remember what it was like. How did I get through this world without Him? I’m independent,  I know how to take care of myself,  for the life of me I realize there is no going back to that girl. She really doesn’t exist any longer, it’s all gone. I gave all of me to Him.

My big question : what is this like for men? How does He know I’m the one? Is He looking forward to all of this? He seems to be.

Bitches: ‘So, do you think you 2 will be married, or live together.’
(Me) I don’t know.
Bitches: ‘ uh huh, He hasn’t mentioned either to you?’
(Me) silent

They talk amongst themselves. I’ll bet He has but MS.PITA won’t give an inch, does she ever act like a normal female, will she get married, she might have to wear a dress, He would insist on it, I bet, so she probably changes the subject , she likes her blue jeans.  He handles her so well, she’s such a brat. I love her ring, He knows her well that He could pick something she would like, knowing her she has told Him ,no gifts, cuz she hates everything, but He is actually the one in charge here, not her (giggles), wonder if He’s mentioned marriage,  living together but PITA here doesn’t talk about it much, so He might think she’s not interested, she so is. Did you see the moment she mentions Him she tears up. Wow. Ice queen no longer. We must think of some new nicknames now. Ugh… what us different about Him, He has kept her attention, something no one could do before. I bet she’s different around Him ( no Sir/yesSir). She kneels before this Master or He wouldn’t be here, that’s different PITA didn’t do that for any. I only get that the sex is fantastic. She won’t tell us anything. When did she tell Him she loved Him for the first time. I haven’t see any pictures, probably doesn’t take any. Hey, I have a few. (Giggles)  hear that she has a few, anyone know of her ever taking a pic with anyone before, nope. Not me. She’s not one to immortalize any man. Hmm, but this one. Hey, I have pics up in my home of us. Do you think He actually knows about her, cuz she’s not much of a talker. Hey, I talk. Well He makes me, I’ve gotten better. (Giggling). I notice she respects Him, she says nothing bad out of His prescense. She’s not so bratty. Hey, cuz my ass hurts, just don’t say ‘ow’ around Him, well I cant. ( giggles) Daddy really is her Master,hmm that’s interesting. Why didn’t you say much. Hey, because you act like this.
(This was the chatter around me, about me, but not to me. I just listened), bitches.

One thing I did notice, was once we hit the one year mark, He changed. He sets our pace, and things are moving along. Slow and steady, but moving nonetheless. I have no control ,nor do I need it. I have no idea where we are headed, nor do I ask. I figure my trust in Him will show me the way, or He will just tell or start a discussion, I’m not so good at those. I fear more are coming.


Ok so I’m not mushy(that’s changed), sentimental (that’s changed), crying female ( that’s changed ), it’s not just about sex ( that’s changed). We talk, laugh, share together ( that’s changed). Sounds like a new me has emerged.