Time to pay the piper, oops I mean Daddy

As babygirl had come into the house with several shopping bags, Daddy was waiting for her. The house was empty, so it was just Daddy and babygirl , much to her surprise. 

She flung open the door headed down the hallway to their bedroom to hide the bags of stuff she bought. She turns the knob to the bedroom door and never even looked around the room. Just headed for the closet to hide all her new stuff. She had been so bratty lately, but felt it was all Daddy’s fault cuz since He had started His own business He had been so busy, she hardly got any time with Him. 

He came up behind her slowly, she heard something,spun around and saw Him,

” Daddy!” She said with delight

“Don’t Daddy me, what are you doing? Shopping? I knew you were acting a bit bratty lately,but this is not what I expected, you know your rules” he said in a very gruff voice.  She wiped the smile off her face, she was guilty and she knew it. He moved past her to get all the bags. He found the receipts as well. 

” You spent $140 without asking? Why? I can’t wait to hear this”

” Well, I missed you. I kept asking for time with you. I was bored, lonely. I needed you” she answered

” Not good enough. You knew I was busy, you knew how much I wanted to be home with you, and every night I came home so late, trying to make a great life for us. But now instead of a romantic night of dinner,shopping,sex, time together, you will get a punishment that will stick in your head and remind of why you will obey or it just gets worse”     

Her first thought was, ‘ oh fuck’. 

” Clothes off, Now” he said in a stern voice.

So far this punishment didn’t sound so bad. He got out restraints, and secured them to the bed. Her legs wide open, her arms above her head. 

” You will have breaks for some water when dehydrated, and bathroom. Other than that, your $140 shopping trip got you an hour and forty minutes of the worst punishment I can think up. Once you answer the rest of my questions we will see where you are at.” 

He asked her questions, she answered. He did not look happy. 

” Well babygirl as I see it you owe me about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Are you ready for your time to start?”

 She wasn’t sure what to say, she heard humming coming from her left side. Oh fuck no, he had the Hitachi on her clit and she was already struggling against it. 

” You guessed it, 2 hours, 15 minutes is what you owe me. You can cum, it will make your whole body hurt for this length of time, but by the time I’m done, you won’t want me to do this again. Next time I double the time. Do you understand?       She shook her head yes.

She was already feeling the effects of the Hitachi. Plus she’s multi orgasmic so it’s not just a few times here or there, it’s nearly full one shaking ,stomach tightening up cuz I’m having so many orgasms.’ She can’t handle it’ ,is what she is trying to tell Him. He just watched TV and went on about His business. 

” I was so wanting a nice night with you, you just had to be bratty and ruin it though. I’m so disappointed in you babygirl” 

As she’s cumming hard she’s trying to talk. ” I’m sorrrrrryyy Daddy” its hard to get the words out of her mouth. 

” I don’t know, we shall see how sorry you are. 

It’s been almost the first hour, her body can’t stop cumming, her stomach hurts, her hairs a mess, she’s sweaty, makeup running down her face, tears in her eyes. He did as promised he gave her water and a bathroom break. Once out of the bathroom,he hooked her restraints back up. Put the toy back on her clit. Immediately she was cumming again, or is it still… 

She wiggled to get away from the toy. He let her know that wouldn’t work. He had no sympathy. 

It seemed like forever til that toy was moved off her clit. she was ready for her time to be up. He counted down the last few minutes. Done. The toy was off her clit, her body needed to calm the fuck down. She’s trying to catch her breath, hoping her body would stop quickly. She ached all over. She was dehydrated, Daddy undid the restraints and helped her get in bed. He was ready for bed too. He snuggled up next to her, just held her for a while. 

” Next time don’t piss me off and you won’t pay the piper, I mean Daddy. I love you babygirl”

” I love you Daddy” she said in hushed tones. 
* This is my original story, you may not use it. Thank you for respecting my property.