Master planned day ( My original story)

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, from the sounds of it Daddy was already up, I smell something good coming from the kitchen! Daddy is a great cook. As I move the covers off me , I hear Him heading down the hall to our room.

“Well, good morning my beautiful slave!” Said Daddy

” Good morning Daddy” I reply.

He sits on the bed next to me and He starts to explain that He has nothing to do today, all the kids are gone til dinnertime, it’s just He and I. But we won’t be going anywhere, it will be a nice relaxing, fun filled day at home. He also lets me know that we will be Master/ slave today. I must ask properly for everything. I get out of bed and fall into slave position, to present myself to Master. 

” You such a good slave, today is about you being my slave, as everyday, but I’m adding lots of fun into this day as well”

I smile while in position before Him, not about to break protocol. He’s saying He has fun for us today, but knowing my sadist Master, that just might include a bright red ass. 

He reaches for me, I offer Him my hand, now I may look up at Him. He helps me stand, I even stand in slave position. Legs slightly apart, hands behind my back, nothing to obstruct Masters view as He looks me over. 

” I want a dress on you, you may pick it. Also knee socks, pigtails, no bra, no panties, no makeup will be needed. If I require anything else for you, or you need anything just ask properly, it shall be given if I find it necessary.”

I nodded my head as a sign that I understood.

He motions for me to go to the closet. I pick a cute summer dress. It’s light, airy. Seems perfect for a day at home. Master leaves me to get the rest done, as He is making breakfast, He’s a great cook. 

I head down the hallway, I realize it’s so quiet in a house usually full of kids. I’m not complaining, I love our kids, but I’m loving the idea of just time with Master!

He has already put two plates of food on the table. I go to where I normally sit, and as a slave I know my place, Master sits first, so I stand beside the chair and wait for His command. He’s heading to the table and He sits, motions for me to sit. I do. I ask, ” Master, do require anything before we eat?”

” No, we eat then I’ve got some ideas for you”

My only reply is, ” Yes Master”

The food is delicious, and I was hungry. He is watching me. I want this to be a day where my slave does exactly as I say, no questions, no hesitation. 

” Yes Master” I say

” Good girl my beautiful slave”

Once done I ask Master of I may clear the table and wash the dishes. He says I may clear but not to wash dishes at this time. He gets up from the table and goes into the living room, sits down. From the sound of it, as I’m in the kitchen, it seems He has put on one of my favorite movies. I smile. I head to the living room and I go into slave position at His feet. He puts His hand on my head and runs His fingers thru my hair and pulls. Oh fuck! He pulls my head back a little and kisses me with such passion, I remember quickly why I love being my Masters slave.

” Master?” I start to ask

“Yes my slave?”

” Master, may I plz suck your cock?”

He’s grinning at me, ” good girl for asking properly slave. Yes you may, but do a very good job,or it’s your ass”

I nod my head as I fully understand my rules. I’m hoping for making Master happy, as I like my ass the way it is, intact!

I move between His legs, I  pull at His shorts to set His huge cock free from it’s hiding place. I love His cock! I love the taste of it. I can hardly wait to have it in my mouth. As soon as I lick His cock I can tell He loves it to. Within moments He stops me.

” Slave find a position so I can see how wet you are, and play with your clit.”

“Yes Master”

We are adjusting positions on the couch, we have a huge sectional so it won’t be a problem. I’m in a position that’s comfy and shows my wet spot. I go back to sucking His cock. I feel His fingers between my legs, exploring. I’m thinking to myself, ‘ this will be a fun day!’ within in a few minutes His fingers are off my clit, and I feel something foreign. I’m trying to suck Him and guess what’s happening to me, but I’m gonna be surprised. I feel Him force something inside me. Oh no, it’s vibrating Ben WA balls. As soon as they are fully in I hear Him click the remote and they are on. Oh fuck that feels good. I can handle that! I’m loving sucking His cock, and feeling wetness dripping between my legs. I’m happily sucking His cock and balls, then I feel something on my clit. Oh god no! Another toy? Yes it is. He put one inside me, now one on my clit. I’m hoping there is nothing in store for my ass, but it sounds like He has a plan.

I feel the toy against my clit. Oh fuck the both of them feel so good. But I will need to cum soon.

” Don’t you dare cum” He says

Those are the words you hate to hear. My body is convulsing, every inch of me is on fire for Him, but there won’t be any release til allowed by Him. That’s torture. But I’m holding it back. I go back to sucking His cock, trying to keep my mind on that and do a good job, but I am moaning loudly now. And moving around. If I can move my body maybe I can get the toy off my clit. Get a small break. I’m feeling it build up in my body. 

“Master plz may I cum?”


Oh fuck, He pulls me off His cock. Puts me on my back,

“Lift the dress, spread those legs for me NOW”

I do as I’m told. But damn I need to cum. We hear a knock at the door. I sure He’s gonna turn off the toys, send me to our room. He doesn’t. The guy walks in, sees everything. I’m still moaning. He still has the toys on. My legs are wide open for all to see, but the more I want to cum, even while they are talking its killing me. He refuses to let me cum, while they both watch my body writhe in ecstasy ,I’m moaning so loud, the toys are still on me, and building up more. Fuuuck.

At this point I’m wanting to let go again, but He stops that thought. Both of them look like they are ready to explode themselves right there. Master moves the toy from my clit, it goes off. But the other one is on and doing fine. I’m instructed to suck His cock. I’m so horny I don’t care that someone is watching. I suck as hard as I can, make love to His cock with my mouth. He is ready to cum but He always has more patience than I do. He stops me so His friend can leave the room, he comes back in with his slave.I’m waiting for Masters cock in my mouth again. He reaches for my hand but pulls me up off the couch and bends me over. 

Spankings?? I’m wondering why. I hear Him say, ” Did you just expose my private domain, your body, to another man?”    “Sir, I wasn’t trying to , I was obeying orders Sir. You didn’t move the toy which means to keep my legs open so you have full access to your slaves body” 

He smiles, I can hear Him. He just wanted a reason to beat my ass. “slave, how many times did you need cum while we watched?”   “Sir, I’m not sure ,like 3 or 4 times. Good girl, so I will double it for spankings. 8 is the number slave”

I am ready as I’ll ever be. I just want it over with. His spankings whether playful or punishment, are not light. He prides His sadist self on that. So I remember my place at all times, and who is in charge, and what will happen. Of course I don’t forget. And never, no matter what, ever back away from Him. I only made that mistake twice when we first started yrs ago, I never repeated it after that second time. I learned.

” slave you’re wet! I will have to take care of that for you” 

I’m thinking that he will be fucking me, that’s not what he meant. 

” Stay in position slave. I’m bent over, fully exposed. I feel a hand on me, not his as He sat on the couch,cock in hand. So WTF is happening? He would never let another man touch me, must be a girl!

I feel a hand on my body, a light slap on my ass, then another. Finally a few fingers entering my wet spot. Going back and forth ,getting faster. Omg that feels good. I’m enjoying that and I’m fucking her fingers. I grab behind me to get her hand, I want to taste! 

” What’s wrong slave?”

” Nothing Sir I just need to cum”

” Denied slave”

Fuuuck this is gonna be a long day. He motions for me to come to Him. I wonder what’s next, how torturous it will be. I can only think of a few ways this will go. She’s dressed in a sexy outfit too.  I just watch. My Master introduces us both. We smile at each other

My Master doesn’t remove the toy from me, He expects her to work around the vibrating. She lays down and I’m to sit on her face. I have nothing on underneath so you can see everything she has access to. She pulls me to her mouth, and in seconds her tongue is inside me along with the toy. Her Master has a surprise for her,he opens her legs and a toy goes inside her as well. We are both moaning now. I am loving her tongue inside me, that feels so good  I ask to cum, my Master lets me and I cum on her face. She’s ready to cum as well, but they have new ideas,me on the bottom, she’s on my face, and my Master puts a toy on my clit. I’m so horny now, I’m bucking at this . I need release. He pulls her off me, flips me over and spanks me, that refocuses my mind. 

” Get control or I will slave. You will only release when I say so, do you understand?” 

” Yes Sir”

We go back to position. She cums on my face. My Master motions for me to come to Him. He places me on our couch, on my back, He wants my legs spread wide open for her and so they can both see. She is touching my clit, rubbing in a circular motion. She puts fingers in me again and I put my hand on hers to push it in further, oh fuck. She moves her fingers back out, and puts lube on her hand, her whole hand goes inside me and she starts fist fucking me. Oh fuck that feels good. I’m bucking at her . She bends her head so tongue is on my clit, swirling and sucking. My Master she that I can’t handle and restrains my hands, he’s not about to let me stop her. Her Master moves her hand to my ass. My Master lubes up her fingers and she starts to go in and my Master knows exactly how to get anything in my ass just get me hot and bothered, I won’t care. They put a toy on my clit and she slides right in my ass. Both her hands are inside me now. How fucking hot is that? Damn.

Her Master fucks her ass while they are still watching. My Master keeps the toy on my clit, but shoves his cock in her mouth. It’s like we are all locked together and each of us cumming at the same time. Fuuuck.

Both Masters take a step back from us girls and just watch. She and I have been moaning so loudly. They are both hard as a rock. She and I need to cum so badly. Both Masters move in near us and they both cum all over our faces. That is so hot! They back up to watch us, tell us that we can come. We both cum so hard, so many times, that release feels so good!

When we are done, she and I are both spent. Our Masters take care of us.  It really was the best day ever! Daddy promised it would be!
* This is my original story, you may not use it without my permission. Thank you for respecting that. 

– babygirl


To be in His presence

He can walk in at anytime. It’s up to me to know beforehand ,how I am to be waiting. A regular date night, I’m allowed to be dressed, and ready to go out for fun with Daddy. On any other night, well that changes things. I am to be in slave position, no bra, no panties, only pig tails, some sort of outfit He requests. I know once I am ready, I must be in position to wait.

I can hear when He enters the door. Kids greet Him pleasantly.  He keeps walking to where He knows I am waiting. I do not look at Him. Eyes closed, head down, I can feel Him as He enters the room. I can tell quickly if I have pleased Him, He will take a deep breath as He takes in the thick air around us. Once He breathes this way I know I have pleased Master,  there is no smile on my face,this is all about honoring Him as my Master. Keep myself humble in His presence. He hasn’t even touched me yet, usually He is walking around me. Like a salesman pointing the new luxury model sedan, you will admire it from every angle, smell the pleasure of what you seek. All before you ever slide inside to see the beauty there as compared to the outside, He may even want to take it for a spin. That is a close an analogy I can come to when a Master is looking at His prize possession, His slave.

She will kneel, only for Him. She will serve only Him. She will wait, only for Him. She will open herself, body and soul, only to Him. She is ready to be there as He commands. His word is law, and she is the person who obeys all law that He has put into place. She has no regret, no guile, no remorse for doing this for Him. She see’s it only as an honor to serve her Master, her King. It is her duty since He chose her.

Well, how would you feel in the presence of royalty. They have summoned you to be before them. They are eager for your arrival, you must first know the protocol to be able to accept such a gracious invitation.  If this is important to you, then you will learn all you can so as not to embarrass yourself, or the royal personage. You see it an honor that you were asked, the idea of being before them and being in their presence is all you can do to contain your excitement.  Now you know how a slave/sub feels when she has been summoned  by the Master. She is so happy to be invited to be before Him. She knows how to present herself to Him properly. She will do all she can to make sure He is pleased, by His hands she will be taken to his side, as He does with her as He wants and she couldn’t be happier , than to serve Him in any capacity He chooses. To fulfill any need or request He has. Nothing is to small to do for Him. Not about our comfort, but His pleasure. She is happy to be the one He has chosen, His gift to her. She will repay such gift by putting Him first in all things, giving what He wants, taking care of all His needs. What an honor He has given her.

Thank you Master, that I get to serve you, each day , it truly is an honor.