Do I want these things?

As Daddy and I were recently talking ,He wondered if I wanted these things:

I’ll admit when I got married the first time I  didn’t get most of these things. No ring, no beautiful wedding, no honeymoon. But I also didn’t get married for love. Things with Daddy are much different, I took my time to make sure He is the person I really wanted in my life. I didn’t rush into anything. I do want a future with Him. Question is, do I really need all those things, or just exist peacefully under the same roof with the man I love and that would be enough?

I gotta say, I never saw myself getting married again. But the idea of marrying someone who loves me, wants me in their life for more than just sex is wonderful! We have tons in common. I want to serve Him. I love our family. We just fit together perfectly. It works so well without the ring,wedding, marriage now…

Ahh , but the romantic in my soul sees all the things I’ve never had and wants them! As long as He does! It would be nice to have something wonderful with Him, as long as He feels the same way!

So there’s your answer Daddy❤️


Romantic thoughts

A night off from everyone, no kids, no phones. I’m busy taking a nice relaxing bubble bath, shave places so I’m silky smooth. Once out of the tub i am doing my hair and make-up, wondering if you are just as excited to have a whole night together. I am trying to find the perfect outfit, one that shows off all your favorite parts of my body. I find a white shirt, low cut, see thru. I put on my jeans, add my necklace that you gave me. Just a small spray of my favorite perfume.

I hear a knock at the door, i smile as i rush to open it, i can hardly wait to see you. As i open the door, there is my man, i have waited so patiently to see. You smile this wicked smile at me, and pull a package from behind your back. You brought Chinese food and drinks. You have some ideas of your own. I giggle, I’m not shocked at all, as we love being naked together. I can hardly wait to see what you have planned for us.

As we plate the food, sit down and have an actual conversation, we aren’t rushed,  no where to be. We are eating, drinking, flirting,laughing. I think i know where this is leading. Once done you suggest we play a game. Hmm, I’m intrigued. So, what game is on your mind? You put a blindfold on me, sit me in a chair. All you say is ‘ trust me babygirl’. I am feeling a little nervous, what is going to happen?  At that moment, i hear the door open, minutes later there are lips on my lips, i kiss them back, so sweet. These soft, sweet lips against mine, i know it’s not His lips. A finger on my lips, so i put my tongue out , i find that finger going into my mouth for me to suck, i can hear Him near me, but its not Him doing the touching. There is a hand going over my breasts, my buttons are being undone, and my shirt opened to reveal my breasts. I’m getting excited. I can feel something cold on my nipple, ice? It’s erotic and wet. My jeans are coming undone, i raise my bottom so they can come off. They are sliding down my legs and then gone. I am only in a thong,  my opened shirt, and my necklace. I am feeling hot breath on my neck, my hair is being undone and falls onto my back. Someone sweeps it to the side, and small kisses placed on my neck, I can feel Him near my back, as He puts his mouth near my ear and in a deep growl says;
‘ That’s my good girl’.

I am His good girl. There isn’t much i say no to. And when i do say no, He finds a way to push that limit. See where He can take me. I have had more experiences in my months with Him, then i have had in my whole life. His hand is on my head, i feel His fingers in my hair, and He pulls my head back, kisses me with such passion, there is a hand between my legs, near my wet spot. I can feel hungry fingers trying to get inside me , i slide back in the chair and move my body so those fingers can slide in. I feel two go in, i skip a breath, His other hand is coming down my shoulder , to my breasts. I know for sure that there is someone else in the room, unless He grew extra hands, doubtful. I knew He had wanted a threesome, and i got no warning it was happening on our special time together, but then He knows that i am up for anything. I lean back further as those fingers are going in and out of me. That feels so good. He grabs me by my hair, i raise up out of the chair, by His silent command, He is moving me to what i can only suppose would be the bedroom. He stops, i stop.

I can feel someone near me, pulling at my thong, as it comes down, i can hear Him, He’s slightly moaning. That makes me want to moan. He is moving me closer to the bed, He picks me up and places me on the bed. I can hear chains rustling. I have this feeling come over me that i will soon be chained down. I am right as both of my wrists are being shackled at the same time. I am wondering if i will ever see what is going on, but then my other senses are on overload, i don’t need to see, i can paint the picture in my mind. My legs are spread apart , and i feel a tongue going over them, i start to feel very wet, i don’t know whats going to happen, but i have a good idea. Within seconds i feel that tongue inside of me, i am moaning and moving around, something He never allows, but He hasn’t stopped me. My pelvis is bucking at this tongue, i am ready to cum. I know i have to ask Him before i cum, i am trying to stop that first wave so i have time to say something, quickly i ask;
‘ Sir, may i please cum now?’
He growls at me, ‘ Yes, babygirl cum now’.

My body has moved all over and I’m wet and cumming over and over. That tongue goes to my clit, and those fingers slip inside of me again. I cant help but keep cumming, and my moans are getting louder. My legs open further, when i am really turned i can’t help it. I want more and i keep cumming as more is offered. I move my pussy up in the air, a sign for whoever it is, to take what they want. My body is pushed back down. And still being played with. I don’t know where He is now.  I want Him near me, reassure me i am doing as He wants. I can feel someone pull my legs to the end of the bed, i know where He is now. He is playing with my ass, which only means one thing, He will be attacking my ass soon. Fine with me, that’s one of my favorite things He does. I can feel His hard cock near my ass , i know whats about to happen, and i now know He wants it as much as i do. I can feel Him go deep and slow, He knows how i like it. Oh my, that feels good, i love it when He enters my ass. But my legs are forced open, a tongue on my clit. I am moaning so loud now, i am getting so much attention to my parts, i don’t know what to enjoy first. I am glad i was chained down, or i wouldn’t be able to stay in one place. Those fingers that were inside are still going , in and out, He is in my ass going in and out. How incredible is that. This goes on for what feels like forever. He pulls out of me, the fingers just stop.

It all stops, I’m laying there with aftershocks and just trying to catch my breath. I hear someone moving up along side of me, my chains are being undone, I’m free. He grabs my hair again, pulls my body up to on my knees, He pulls in for a kiss. Now I’m being moved into a new position, He bends me over the bed, moves my hands in an upward movement, i feel breasts, as i start to run my hands all over, paint a new picture in my mind. Someone is laying there in front of me. Breasts heaving, pussy wet, i know what He wants from me, and i give it freely, i am His. He lets me explore with my hands all over the body before me. I make my way down to the place between her legs, and He’s pushing my head between her legs, i know whats He’s wanting, my tongue on her. So i do .  He is behind me , and pushes His cock back into my ass, and gives me what i need. I am moaning loud again, He has His extra hand running over my body. He is so sexy, i do love to please Him. In return He gives me everything i desire. I am still pleasuring her, she is moaning as well, and just dripping wet. He is loving every minute. For what seems like a long time together, my legs are like jello, He can tell I’m tired. He stops attacking my ass, and picks me up, and lets me rest on the bed. He kisses me again, as a sign that i made Him so happy. I can tell He is giving her clothes, i can only figure they are hers. I hear Him leave the room, i don’t hear anyone, but the door opens and closes quickly.  I can assume He has her go home, He comes back in the room, His hands are on the blindfold. Once it’s off, my eyes need a minute to focus.

He lays down beside me. We just stare at each other, we both grin at one another. He pulls me close, and we start to talk about our day, about how the night went. I finally bring myself to ask the question,
‘ Daddy, why did you blindfold me’?
He grins at me, and says;
‘ babygirl you were so sure you would be jealous of another girl, or think i wanted her more, i didn’t want any distractions in your mind. I didn’t want you to feel jealousy either ,i just wanted to let yourself go, and have fun’,  ‘ did you babygirl?’

I smile at Him, cuddle up next to him, kiss Him with passion, and say;
‘ Yes Daddy, i had a lot of fun. I love you Daddy, it was perfect’.

I realized that my Daddy does know  me best, he knew i have an eschewed body image problem, i do get a little jealous, i don’t want to share Him,  i have felt like, what if He might find someone better than me. I fought with myself over threesomes, i was so afraid. Now i am glad He pushed me. I know He helped me feel so much better about this. He showed me how important i am, and how sexy i felt, how turned on all of my other senses were, this way i couldn’t stay in my head. I know He’s smarter than me. He did this for us! What an experience, Thank you Daddy.

Daddy, tell me true

Daddy, will you cuddle me?
Yes babygirl, why do you ask?
Hold me tight, never let me go!

Daddy, do you care about me?
Yes babygirl, why do you ask?
Tell me a story about us!

Daddy, do you want me?
Yes babygirl, why do you ask?
Show me please!

Daddy, do you cherish me?
Yes babygirl, why do you ask?
Talk to me more please!

Daddy, do you think about me?
Yes babygirl, why do you ask?
Will you kiss me , the kind that takes my breath away!

Daddy ,do you adore me?
Yes babygirl, why do you ask?
Will you play with me ,lets have some fun!

Daddy, do i make you happy?
Yes babygirl, why do you ask?
Can we have lots of sex, the dirty kind!

Daddy ,do you like control over me?
Yes babygirl, why do you ask?
I love that you want me, i am only yours!

Daddy, do you desire me?
Yes babygirl, why do you ask?
Will you explain the world to me, everything!

Daddy, do you own me?
Yes babygirl, why do you ask?
I want to know where i belong!

Because i would be lost without you Daddy.

– babygirl ❤

He’s not like anyone else

In my past I have been used to being treated badly( vanilla or bdsm),humiliated, disrespected, uncared for, shattered, sometimes left with no aftercare, they had only wanted one thing from me, I’m sure you can get the picture.

My Dom is completely opposite. He has never humiliated me, is not into degradation, or shame.Has never asked for naked pics of me, likes them,but never demands them. He doesn’t like it if I put myself down, he’s quick to be very stern about such things. If he compliments me and doesn’t like my response he will only need to use an angry tone, I never do it again. When I think we are just having idol conversation, my sweet sadist is listening to my every word, I’m such a lucky girl, but not so fast. What he did recently left me speechless. He asked how the gym was working for me, I kept my answers brief. He saw right through that. Within moments he was in control of the gym , I had a schedule and was no longer allowed pop or junk food. I couldn’t even think of a response to argue back, so I said the only thing he wants to hear, Yes Sir. I do try to get out of the gym quite a bit, he has never allowed it, I have this feeling if I was dying he might still make me go. He did say I would thank him later, and once I saw my reflection in the mirror and things were not great but better. I was happy with my hard work and my Dom. He doesn’t permit me to spend unless its under $20, other than that I better be asking him for the purchase.Although I did sneak out of the house and meet a friend at one of my fav malls, the whole way through I kept saying, I can’t buy anything. I finally found something for $5 and I was thrilled, granted she had no idea why I was not like I used to be,but I knew my rules.
My Dom and I have chatted about how we see our dynamic as something special ,we are a little D/s, M/s, and DD/bg. As of recently I have thought about our dynamic and as I see it, he secretly is moving us into M/s , I do think he  likes the slave. How? Well my rules ,most are for a slave. Yet he was kind enough to let me speak about the rules, ones I didn’t like,  he either changed them around, said “deal with it” , or got rid of. I do think he wants me as his slave, but still calling him Daddy! But if he thinks I didn’t notice, oh yeah I noticed.
He opens doors for me, which I’m not used to any longer, but wow was I impressed! I could have fucked him right there. He will allow me to be on top of him and not feel like I’m taking control, I’m not, I just like how far his huge cock goes in even further!

I noticed he has this look on his face ,like he’s beaming with pride when he cums on my face and the way he looks at me, tells me I’m his ‘good girl’. While I’m on my knees before him , he will raise my chin ,so my eyes meet his and the smile on his face is so pure and beautiful.
My sadist will not let anyone be mean to me , he will listen when I’m clearly upset, but he will have the final word. I understand that my safety physically and mentally are not to be fucked with, as how he shows me ,he will not tolerate it from anyone.
He is not my girlfriend. We will laugh and play but he has a limit. He is quick to put me back in my place. He believes in me, pushes me to be my best. He encourages me to face my fears, he plans on having me face something from my past that scared me to death, at first I was mad. I was thinking do you not care that this situation was traumatic for me? This should be seen as a hard limit, only thing is that my hard limits that make sense he will permit me to keep. If its not logical he challenges said limit. I finally embraced what I see him trying to do for me, not to me. He has my trust, now to see if he can really make this better and get me over my fear. I am looking forward to it, plus if it goes wrong, I know he will keep me safe. Sort of a win-win.
He treats me with the utmost care and respect, even after he has beaten my ass, and fucked me so hard that my body wants to collapse into him. He then does aftercare, he’s very gentle.

He always explains the punishment to me before he begins. Its definitely not a mind fuck, yet he’s extremely good at that too. He makes sure I understand my infractions of how what he expects from me, then slowly moves in for the kill. The way his twisted mind works during a punishment, our government should hire him to go after the enemy or spies. I’m quite sure they would give up quickly. As he starts on my ass, he gets my attention first, shows me who is in charge,he will ask me each time if I have a clear conscience,he then let’s his evil side come out. He makes sure punishments get worse and worse.I Always answer his questions quickly, although sometimes I can’t even process what he said since I’m still reeling from the pain. I quickly pull it together. So he can rip the flesh from my body.
I must ask before touching his body. I can text and ask him if I can play, but I have a 20min timeframe, I am usually counting it down,hoping he won’t respond or just say no.
He won’t let me think less of myself, I cannot put myself down. Thank goodness he’s not always around , and cannot read minds, or I might be in trouble.
I am so happy to have him in my life , to discipline me, encourage me , care about me.