He’s a worthy King indeed

How in the world,in our lifestyle can you tell when one has earned the title, ‘King’?

First of all, I’m not new. Any man in the lifestyle, that refers to himself as royalty, is usually one I don’t give the time of day to, never have. A dominant should exude confidence, not arrogance. There’s a huge difference. 

The dominant who can juggle all aspects of His life (work,family,play) has my respect. Pay attention to the wording, I said juggle , not has all the answers. He’s still human. 

If He is kind to children, and animals, except snakes hates those. Can He be gallant? We all know that men want a lady on their arm in public, and a freak in the sheets. No problem there. But I want the same from my dominant. Will He be the gentleman who opens the car door, and grabs my ass too?! He does!

I want a man who worries about me, will be funny and silly with me. Who can make it a night of bdsm, or just something sexy and hot, Both make me cum, it’s about effort. Can He cook? Cuz I will clean. When I’m sick, am I a priority.

I see Him, as He is. He’s strong, but He needs a woman by His side with strength too, a partner in His life. Someone He can talk to, share His secrets with and knows that no one will ever hear it. 

He needs to know that she has His back. That she’s close to Him, clings to Him but that they can go there own ways and still be 100% committed. She His ‘ ride or die’, cuz He would be hers if He has to. Care for Him when He’s sick. His goals are her goals, and vice versa. He can make someone else a priority at times, she doesn’t blink, she knows it’s for the moment. 

She can tell when He just needs some time to Himself, she doesn’t take it personal, but pushes Him to rest and put Himself first every now and then. They make their relationship a priority, but know it takes both to work at it. Any holidays and she will go pick a gift, she knows He has more important things to do. 

If He’s off with friends, family, or His club she knows she is still on His mind. And He’s on hers!

He makes her talk so He knows what’s on her mind, what she’s stressing about. He wants to guide her, encourage her, help her. They are always there for each other.

They know the goals they have set for themselves,kids, etc… And they both work together as a team. When one succeeds, they both do! 

This is how I know He’s my king. He never insisted I call Him that, He’s to humble. But He deserves the title, it’s been earned a million times over. 

When I look at Him, really look. I see a man with lots of friends, family, and His club but still really lonely. My job is to fill that void, to become everything He needs. Be His partner, His lover, His babygirl, His slave. Cuz I’m just like Him! We have all the stuff ( job, family, friends, kids) but to grow old with someone, cherish the love they give you, take care of their heart. Then you have found someone worthy , someone who should be treated like a king, called ‘ My King’. For He is everything to me! 


To be in His presence

He can walk in at anytime. It’s up to me to know beforehand ,how I am to be waiting. A regular date night, I’m allowed to be dressed, and ready to go out for fun with Daddy. On any other night, well that changes things. I am to be in slave position, no bra, no panties, only pig tails, some sort of outfit He requests. I know once I am ready, I must be in position to wait.

I can hear when He enters the door. Kids greet Him pleasantly.  He keeps walking to where He knows I am waiting. I do not look at Him. Eyes closed, head down, I can feel Him as He enters the room. I can tell quickly if I have pleased Him, He will take a deep breath as He takes in the thick air around us. Once He breathes this way I know I have pleased Master,  there is no smile on my face,this is all about honoring Him as my Master. Keep myself humble in His presence. He hasn’t even touched me yet, usually He is walking around me. Like a salesman pointing the new luxury model sedan, you will admire it from every angle, smell the pleasure of what you seek. All before you ever slide inside to see the beauty there as compared to the outside, He may even want to take it for a spin. That is a close an analogy I can come to when a Master is looking at His prize possession, His slave.

She will kneel, only for Him. She will serve only Him. She will wait, only for Him. She will open herself, body and soul, only to Him. She is ready to be there as He commands. His word is law, and she is the person who obeys all law that He has put into place. She has no regret, no guile, no remorse for doing this for Him. She see’s it only as an honor to serve her Master, her King. It is her duty since He chose her.

Well, how would you feel in the presence of royalty. They have summoned you to be before them. They are eager for your arrival, you must first know the protocol to be able to accept such a gracious invitation.  If this is important to you, then you will learn all you can so as not to embarrass yourself, or the royal personage. You see it an honor that you were asked, the idea of being before them and being in their presence is all you can do to contain your excitement.  Now you know how a slave/sub feels when she has been summoned  by the Master. She is so happy to be invited to be before Him. She knows how to present herself to Him properly. She will do all she can to make sure He is pleased, by His hands she will be taken to his side, as He does with her as He wants and she couldn’t be happier , than to serve Him in any capacity He chooses. To fulfill any need or request He has. Nothing is to small to do for Him. Not about our comfort, but His pleasure. She is happy to be the one He has chosen, His gift to her. She will repay such gift by putting Him first in all things, giving what He wants, taking care of all His needs. What an honor He has given her.

Thank you Master, that I get to serve you, each day , it truly is an honor.