The gift

He did give me something most wonderful,I get to talk! My gbff came over last night, we talked and talked for hours. He has known me longer than most people, and he definitely wanted to know what was up with me…

All I told him was that my Daddy wants me to talk. That my Daddy said in the two years we’ve been together I haven’t talked much. Well that’s mostly lifestyle. I have never been given the green light to talk. I can’t remember a master or a Dom who wanted me to talk, occasionally yes, but for the most part I was to be seen and not heard. That has been the norm for the lifestyle. 

Other slaves I know , most are like me, quiet. We are reserved until we are together having some girl time, we can’t shut up! If we text each other, we can’t shut up! We are female, we don’t shut up, but any master walk in the room, we STOP, dead in our tracks. It goes back to quick answers. ‘Yes Sir’ ‘ No Sir’.  

Our job as a slave: to listen, to serve, to respect, to give, to care, to answer, to please, to be of use.  Does it sound like we talk much? We don’t. We all can go to our Masters and ask to speak, when we really need to talk. That doesn’t mean things will change. But we were heard. It’s how a slave is taught to communicate. 

Now He’s changed things. He gave me this ‘ gift of gab’. He did not say if there were any rules. Like, do I still need to ask Him if I may speak and then actually speak. Maybe rules are coming. Maybe He wanted to see if I could even open up. But He started this, it’s pouring out of me. I haven’t held back. I just say it. It’s so exciting! I’m actually breathing easier, my stomach doesn’t hurt and it always hurts. It’s like I’m not stuffing it all for once, and staying silent. I can see how it could get out of hand. I know when I’m around people in Daddy’s life, do NOT make Him regret this gift. I’m to be seen and not heard at those times. How do I know? Cuz He never said it was a free for all. Say what I want, to anyone I want, at anytime I want. What He said was talk to me. 

This gift might be reserved for Him only. But being His property I also have to think about my position in the world as well. A slave would never run at the mouth and embarrass her Master. So there really are plenty of times when I just shut up in public, to friends, to family. But recently I haven’t. All of them saying the same question, ‘ What’s this new thing?’ 

I’m talking! Yes, there are words coming out of my mouth bitches, and most of you have just begun to hear me.
I do wonder will He take this gift from me, just have enough of me talking. Cuz I’ve got things to say! I don’t want to hurt anyone, especially Him. But what if I need to say something? There are times, many times,  like when He’s on His phone so much I just really want to say, “please put your phone down I really need your time” but I don’t say anything.  Or one of my kids, I really want to say: ” go live your gd life, quit making me take care of your ass. You don’t give 100% to be independent, and you seem perfectly fine with me taking care of you. You shouldn’t be fine with this, I love you but I’m fucking exhausted”. I let this same child know that since I cosigned for a car that went back to the bank, you ruined my credit, but you’re gonna help me pay for the bankruptcy. He’s owed me money in the past and I let it go, but this won’t be forgiven. You’re paying me. But there are others who owe me money,one person owes me $4000, and I’ve said nothing to them. But maybe I should.i don’t remind ppl that they owe me, I’ve not gotten any payments,I just let it eat at me. Even my gbff I told Him how I felt too. He was shocked, said it’s like a new me. 

I can see how this gift could get me into trouble too. But I can feel how freeing it is as well! 

Who’s next? Just step right up so I can tell you what I think of you, your life, your choices, how I always listen to your shit. But do you do that for me… 


Vanilla is just a flavor of ice cream!

For months Daddy let me off the bdsm hook so to say, gave me space as my pain got worse, I couldn’t have sex, and we both waited for my surgery.

After surgery we had to wait for me to heal, I’m a horrible patient. He was not happy with me. But He didn’t spank me out of fear I’d get hurt, but He didn’t put me on task either. He let me be me. 

I got back to work as soon I could. My body was still trying to heal and now do my normal life. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it… But something was amiss.

I had wracked my brain trying to figure it out. Daddy and I were good, but our connection was lacking. I wondered if we were near an end for us, I didn’t want that. We have put in almost 2 years together, we have amazing sex. We can talk about anything. He’s my best friend, my Master, my Daddy, my protector, my everything. But what’s going on?

I knew I was arguing about the same thing over and over. It’s a sore spot for me, I don’t see anything change so I figure I should accept the inevitable. I’m gonna lose Him. I’m a strong believer on working things out, trying it all before you call it a day, but I wasn’t sure what to think anymore. I’m still a bit lost.

Then He did something out of the blue. He told me off. I was shocked that He did that. A little surprised too. But inside jumping for joy! He figured it out. He’s the one in charge, not me. I still haven’t asked Him if He felt the same way, cuz it came on Him right out of the blue. He told me my rules again. I’m thinking to myself, ‘ oh yeah, I have left most behind’. Not good. He let me know I will obey them as I have always been expected to do. I said, ‘Yes Sir’. As I know how to answer Him properly, but I was getting the message.

I hadn’t asked to do anything in months, I just went and did it. In all fairness even in lifestyle stuff there are some situations I can’t wait for His answer I must go, but a text will be sent and an explanation of why I couldn’t ask. It will be up to Him to decide if He feels it was good enough to let it go or will it be my ass when I see Him. He’s always been a fair Master. A very good Master.

With kids around us and We don’t get lots of time together,it’s much harder to be naked and waiting in slave position for His inspection of His property.  Only He will let me know how I shall please Him in all ways. 

I started doing what’s expected of me again. I ask for everything regardless of what it is. A few of my friends were not so happy that I had to go back to waiting for His response instead just go do what I want. But I was smiling. I knew exactly what had been missing now. His direction over our lives. We both slipped into vanilla quite comfortably and once the smoke cleared from all the issues we had with my health, bdsm was left at the wayside, in many ways.

He cares! I keep getting teary again. I now know the reason I’ve felt so lost, He was not what I was keeping my eyes on. I was just doing life. I’m good at it. But  I need bdsm, I crave the rules, structure. It shows me how much He cares. How much He loves me. Even us kinky ppl can lose our way too. 

I want to ask Him what happened? Did it just hit Him that we fell out of our roles in the lifestyle? When did He figure it out? Don’t get me wrong, we are a strong couple, we survived months of vanilla. But I wake up and I have my rules, and my structure back. I have my Master back. Oh fuck, I have plenty of bad shit coming my way, I might not survive for real. He is a great Master, a very good man, but He’s got the memory of an elephant, and I’m screwed. Which was the conversation recently. How will I start serving my sentence? Only He will answer that. He’s even prepared to take away my phone. My phone? I can’t survive without my phone. There was a time I could and did get thru life without my phone. But no phone? 

As I am most happy! My friends don’t understand, well a few do. The balance is back in my life. I am following my rules. I live by the structure He has set for me. I guess I will be asking to speak freely when I need to talk and not yelling anymore. Oh god, I have yelled at Him. He’s definitely coming for me. He’s definitely gonna make up for lost time. I’m sure He’s bdsm proofing our relationship. How not to fall back into vanilla ways. 

I feel so good, yet full of fear at the same time. It’s a strange feeling. Only He knows why. Only He knows the holy terror I’ve been. I can work in a vanilla world, raise our kids in a vanilla world, but I can’t remain in that vanilla world for to long. It changes me, and not in a good way. 

I love you Master. Thank you so much for getting us back on track. 

So what kind of life will we live?

If I know anything about my Master, its that He’s already prepared how He wants our lives to be. The art of any great Master is that to make a masterpiece, you must have put the hard work in first. Never expect it to be easy, things in this world just don’t work that way. My Master is no exception. When He wants something He’s already formed the thought, then He defines it til its what He wants, then Its put in to a process. Life with Him is never boring. We have been together nearly 2 yrs now, He can always manage to surprise me. Which is why I know He’s already got it in His thoughts how things will be. I just sit back and watch. You gotta love a strong dominant. Vanilla men, sorry you just don’t get it.

Does He expect the lil woman at home. Taking care of the house, meals, bills, kids, soccer mom, tending to His needs? Of course. Yet, He will be the strong presence in our home. He’s the head of the house. A certain respect will come with His position, as we all fall in line and we wait for His direction. If it needs to change, that’s all for Him to decide what/where/how.

Can the children fall in line. They will be expected to. To what extreme will He go if things are not His way, or His words fall on deaf ears. I do wonder about that, as my 2 youngest are good kids, but should they not want to do things Masters way how does that go? My kids have no where to go. Will my Master give them understanding and try to work with them, I do believe He will. He knows I want our lives to work out. He knows I trust Him. He knows this is what I want. But kids need to learn that He means business, I do think they will push this and test Him. They have fathers, none of which set rules,boundaries, or limits. So, I do foresee some head to head combat gonna happen. Not out of disrespect, but ‘does this man mean what He says?’ Kids expect rules and boundaries, without that they actually lose respect, same goes for our lifestyle. Any slave or sub will tell, if He sets rules but doesn’t reinforce, respect is lost. 

As our teen daughter has started to date, I gave Him full reign. Master used to be a teen boy so I  figure He will do just fine making rules for her. She seems to be taking those rules just fine. She’s not always happy, but then He’s not always happy with her. I like watching the 2 of them , He’s 2 steps ahead of her. She’s trying to be a teen and have her life. So far, His rules are very fair. 1. He must meet each guy. 2. She must dress modestly. 3. No boy is touch, kiss, hold , or think about her body. 4. The word is NO. Her first time she didn’t take His rules 100% seriously. She met dads wrath. She looked at me like to say,” Hey, are you gonna save me?”  I didn’t save her. I figured the best thing I could do for her is let her learn that I can’t be both mom and dad to her anymore. I relinquished control to Him. He’s doing great with her. The boys took longer to come around. They have a douche bag for a dad, once they saw how He was with her, they seemed to get closer to Him, trust Him more. 

I do know most of what He will expect of me, we live that way now. When He has His cut on, He’s all business. When He’s dad , He’s fun but strict. When He’s the guy with the job, He’s on task in His mind, serious side comes out. But when He’s Master, He’s fun and playful, romantic, knows what He wants, how He wants it! I’m His plaything. He takes care of what is His,still in control.

In our life, we are like a 1950’s household. He leads, He’s the head of our home. He has final say.  I am submissive, respectful to Him. I am the example to my children of how a mans to be treated. I do as I know He wants and allows. I ask for everything, He answers my requests. No, I’m not worried about being treated less than, He doesn’t do that to me. He treats me like His queen, in return He’s my King. I have no regrets. I do love the natural balance. I will not wear the pants in our family. I will not treat Him as ordinary. 

This life is not for everyone. I have friends who worry that I’m giving everything up. I’m giving up nothing, I’m having the life that I choose. No one forces me to serve Him, I do it from my heart, always will. I was never women’s lib. I think it destroyed the family, made divorce more rampant. You literally can’t turn on a tv now that nearly all commercials are about treating your man like he’s your other child. I do not agree with this, I think its part of the problem. I think families letting the woman run everything while the man sits back , is the other part.( rant over, or maybe ill blog about it).

Life gets better and better. He surprises me all the time. I know there will be more when we live together. I know I may come before Him with anything I struggle with or don’t understand, He will listen to my request and make a judgment call. This natural order works best for us. I refuse to be in charge, unless its the areas He places me in charge of. He still has final say.

How do I know this works? I have known plenty of people who live this way already, still in our lifestyle, raise their family. Go watch old shows, I love lucy, Andy griffith, leave it to beaver, these did show that ‘ natural order’. I do believe Lucy got spanked, more than once I might add. Lucy and I have lots in common. 

He’s biding His time while I heal. Waiting patiently for the Dr to release me back to our life! Then its on. I do cause trouble, but I’m cute at it! He’s not so easily put off by that. He’s got a list, and knowing Him He’s checked it twice to make sure every infraction is on it. He’s very thorough, lucky for me… Memory like a Damn elephant.

Pray for me, send happy thoughts, positive energy. Cause its coming. I can already see the eye of the storm. He never lays a hand on the kids, why me??? Lol, I know why!

– His babygirl


Doin it old school ( not my work, just sharing)

​Old Time Protocol

Author: Dennis Najee 
Things certainly changed over the years. The BDSM community once was an underground network of people who lived in secrecy. There was a time when the only “advertisement” this lifestyle received was an announcement of a munch in the local rag. People did not openly discuss power exchange relationships. The D/s and, certainly M/s, relationships were foreign to 99.9% of the population. Of course, the Internet changed this a great deal.
There was a time when protocol amongst the members of the lifestyle meant something. Newer people were introduced to this way of life with a respect that was taught to them by others. People were human and interaction was friendly but that was not a sign of lackluster attitudes. Dominants were shown the proper respect by their position since it was known that all who were there (for the most part) earned it.
At the same time, people were also respective of the submissive types. Trolling was unheard of since everyone was expected to adhere to the policy of “not infringing on another person’s turf”. This was a commonsense practice that worked ideally for many years.
Again, we saw the Internet change this scenario. To start, many of the Dominants online are not worthy of any respect. They are pretenders to the nth degree. Their desire is to use and abuse in a way that is harmful. The part of the life where a submissive is taught to grow and expand is overlooked by these individuals. Instead, they are only interested in cheap sex or someone to pay their way. BDSM is a sex and money pit and that is it.
The respect that came with the old time protocol also disappeared. I will admit that I am guilty of slagging some people off online. However, I do this with reasonable assurance that they were not what they proclaimed to be. One only needs to spend a few months on a BDSM site to learn some of the tricks people use. Once you have them down, you notice them repeated over and over. Nevertheless, in general people do not show others in the life the same respect that once existed.
Society At Large
Many of the factors that I am mentioning are also prevalent among society at large. Respect is something that is disappearing with each new generation. Watch how people behave in your local supermarket. There was a time when people were considerate of others around them. People would often let someone with only a few items cut ahead of them to save that person time. No more. Now, you stand behind the person with two full baskets even if you only have 6 items. Common consideration is dead.
At the same time, people are losing interpersonal skills. Again, in the “olden ” days, people had to talk to each other. Other than the telephone, communication was face-to-face. Meeting of people actually involved being in the same zip code as them. Munches were the primary vehicle where people within this lifestyle met each other. If you were new to a community, you tried to find a local munch to attend.
Again, we point to the Interact to notice a change. Today we “meet” people from all over the world without leaving our seat. Our interactions are virtual now. We get emotionally attached to characters on a screen. The connection carries a lot less meaning to many people.
At the same time, the idea of being respectful to others online is all but dead. The BDSM sites are full of people who would never dream of showing up at a munch. They utilize the anonymity of the Internet to involve themselves in a place where they otherwise would be too fearful. In addition, these same people also exhibit a great deal of cybercourage. There Internet muscles are strong. However, put these people in front of a real Dom and many of them would cower like little girls. They are disrespectful because it is so easy to do it.
In the end, our culture is changing. Is it good or bad? Who knows. The bottom line is that it is and we need to get use to it. There is no point in being a sourpuss while reflecting upon the good ole days. The world changes and BDSM is not exempt from that practice. Learning new skills are important to advance as society does. While there are drawbacks, technology and new eras open up a lot of opportunities. Be mindful of this the next time you want to put your fist through your computer screen at some troller. They make the real people stand out that much more.


I love this writing, again it’s not mine. I’m sharing it for good reason. I don’t like the changes I’ve seen in our community, whether online or not. The respect is gone. Most doms are playing games to just get laid, not to have a real connection.  When I started training subs and slaves years ago it was worth it, but last few years not so. I had to teach them real from fake, give them things that they could identify so they weren’t harmed. Some listened, some didn’t. Never blame me for your own mistakes, I warned your stupid ass. I told you this lifestyle wasn’t about some stupid book, it was deeper. If you are that dumb to not even have common sense then don’t be here, but don’t blame us either. Those of us who are real, tried to show you the way. Plus I’ve never seen so many titles just thrown around without being earned. Disgraceful.


The way He loves me

Yes, another post about Him! How He loves me, but a little different. I personally feel that men in this world need their woman to actually give them a list of the things they do, so each man can see for himself that she really does notice Him and His efforts.  That each man know that His woman count herself blessed, be grateful, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is loved, the family has a real leader.  

I’m at that point with Him now that we have talked recently about Him as the leader once we are together. Can the kids respect and appreciate Him? It all starts with me. Do I see Him as the leader? The head person over me, our family as it comes together?  I do. So my children will fall in line since they know that He is a real man, who can lead this family. My kids now know if they choose not to fall in line, they can go make arrangements with the other parent. I will always love and support them,  they will always be a part of my life, but I refuse to let my life be dictated to me, by my children. I’m allowed happiness too.

He has shown all of us what love really is. We had never seen love in action before, not from the head of household. When my son changed jobs recently , his own father didn’t support him. But my Daddy handed him a gift card and told him to go buy himself some tools. None of us know what to do with Daddy since we have never had anyone in our lives like him.

My daughter adores him, she has needed direction for a long time. I’ll admit I lost the war with this one, but not easily I didn’t want to give up, I haven’t totally. But Daddy sees where I could do better. He has seen my daughter at a very weak point, something shocked her enough to tears, Daddy tried to console her. The only thing my daughter has ever known is violence from my ex, my daughter actually saved my life one day. Then some days she will tell Daddy off, i want to yell at her, but Daddy stops me. He will let her talk,  she has stuff she needs to say and He just listens. He answers her back with such sweet words I don’t think she deserves, but he feels her pain that her dad and my ex have caused. This kid just wants a dad and she picked him. ‘Pops’ as she calls Him.  My daughter misplaces lots of things, her allowance has been on the list many times. We are all used to it. She let me know that He tried to give her a second allowance so I would not be mad at her any longer. I was glad She didn’t let Him bail her out, she did get quiet as she told me. She has never had anyone care about her besides me, her whole life( Her Whole 15 yr Life). He even bought her chopsticks cause she loves them, she eats everything with them from fruit, to burritos,  and more. The thought never crossed my mind to buy her good ones, I don’t know why. 

My middle son has brain damage from birth, autism, and about 16 other diagnoses. I have always been afraid that I’ll lose him, cuz I have already lost one child. I can’t handle the thought of losing another, but babying him hasn’t helped. Daddy did talk about this a few times with me. It’s not easy when it comes to this child. Especially since he’s almost died on 3 different occasions, well actually the other 2 kids have almost died on me as well. My daughter has Epilepsy and has been dead and I revived her. But my middle son I can’t let go of. I know Daddy sees this, I’m sure He has thoughts and ideas of how to help me. I will need all the help and guidance with this. 

How He loves me. He knows how much I’ve been hurt, physically, emotionally, spiritually by many. He’s a most patient man with me. He surprises me, the way He just knows when to push me hard, and when to handle me with kitt gloves. I’ve never been treated so well, or loved like this. This is a journey for all of us. 

The thought that races through my head, ‘ What did I do to deserve Him’. I don’t ever see the answer, so i just stay grateful. Why am I so excited to live with Him? Because I feel as if I’ve found my other half, my one true love! And I want to start my forever with Him, NOW! Wake up next to Him, some days I swear I’m just dreaming, life can’t really be this wonderful, can It? But reality hits, it’s really happening! We have plans!

I felt so high yesterday, high AF! My thoughts were so very clear. I love my life, learning to love myself , all because of Him♡


Let’s talk about the word ‘Daddy’ and it’s true meaning. 

What am I talking About? Well over the last few years bdsm has been growing in leaps and bounds. Some of the changes are good, some bad. If you are in the lifestyle for real then you are tired of the fakes, and wannabes. But let’s move on to cover the newest phenomenon, the role of a Daddy. Is this real or fake, is it a real name you say to Him or just a fun and dirty nickname. 

Let’s take a look at the vanilla side. It’s a cute nickname when you want your mans attention, to give him the go ahead to make a move. But it’s not a name you use out of the bedroom, in front of anyone. It’s all in fun. There’s nothing wrong with that!
But let’s take a deep look into a bdsm dynamic of a Daddy, see why this one is more real, it’s not a cute nickname, its actually a title of great respect. It’s about your male counterpart taking on the responsibility of being a very nurturing caregiver and disciplinarian to his female counterpart. He guides, gives rules/structure to her life. He’s in authority over her, much like bdsm Masters/doms, but with a twist! 

In this dynamic the Daddy will have a partner that is referred to as a little. While even the title of ‘little’ has had to grow and expand to cover the many facets of these childlike women. Some are baby-like, some toddlers, some young kid, pre teens, and teens. These women know themselves well enough to identify where the child in them identifies on this scale. I am more of a teenager. 

This is the point I need to stress that this is NOT role play for us. We actually so safe within our relationship with Daddy that we want to relinquish control to a real dominant, Daddy, and be able to be ourselves, our true personality. For us little, or middles this is not fake. It’s actually very freeing, we are always childlike, and will continue to be no matter how old we actually are. Being forced to be an adult in this world, now that feels forced and fake. 

We are smart, intelligent, strong, capable women. We can run a household, hold jobs, some of us are professionals in our field of choice. We are wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters. You can’t pick us out of a crowd, well most of the time! If Daddy and I are in public and I see hello kitty stuff I’m gonna be childlike! I talk like a teen. Act like a teen. Dress for Daddy like a teen. But I can turn it off to my life, take care of the kids, be there for Daddy. 

In this psychosexual dynamic, it’s most wonderful and healthy. There is trust, devotion, care, love , unconditional support from both partners. How will she learn to be her true babygirl self without you showing her it’s ok. But she returns that favor to show you it’s safe to be Daddy,  take care of her in all ways. 

How important is a Daddy?  Very.  He handles rewards, punishments, rules, structure, dress codes, curfews, bed times, how she eats, where she goes, who she’s allowed to be with, her training, timeouts, lectures, spankings, and more…

This dynamic is so new to bdsm that you can really personalise it how you need it to be. Masters/Doms Have been written about so much that we know what to expect from both dominat roles. But the Daddy role is just as dominant. Daddy can be as lenient or strict as He wants to be. It’s really up to the Daddy. He can best read you and what you really need/want. 

This is NOT role playing. The part that is , is the cute outfits, pigtails, socks, toys, diapers, binkies, blankies, stuffies, coloring books. This is part of your little but some of these can be just for fun, at times! While for others it’s all the time and always needing these things. See, completely up to You! That’s freeing! Finding the Daddy that meshes well with you and wants this responsibility,  priceless!

This is absolutely a real relationship. You can marry each other and still be in this dynamic. Date each other and do this dynamic. It’s emotionally and spiritually as close as you can get to another person. Enjoy. But do take it seriously, we do! 

Way more to it than just a cute nickname


Doms being flippant? How dare they 

I am a member of a fb bdsm page. We have many interesting topics, some I share here. While other topics I find hysterical. Such as the most recent when a newbie sub actually outed her newly found dom for being flippant , ordering her around as if she was property. 

We all hated to burst her little bubble,  but we did once we all stopped giggling about it. 

Our first inclination was to ask her if she truly understood what a dom was, what his job is in her life. She seemed lost. They did not have sex, as of yet, but I could tell he wanted to see if she could take direction. Was she moldable? Things a good dom/Master look for. 

She was a fighter, he is going to have his hands full. From our short conversation she had read some books, I’m sure they got her hot and bothered! But reality was different for her.

“Where does he get off trying to order me around?”

I wanted to laugh, I held it in. I tried to give her the bdsm crash course. Yeah, I made that up. It’s more of  nice explanation ‘bdsm in a nutshell’. I let her know how my Master and I are. I have rules, procedures, protocols, rituals that are important to my Master,  must be adhered to , if not I’m in trouble. I know discipline is coming and I better have a great reason for not complying or doing as expected. The more I explained,  the more she realized our lifestyle was not in her books. I had to let her know he was not bring flippant ,nor an asshole, he was doing his job as a dominant. She was the one who let him believe this was what she wanted, plus deceived him, as I learned from her talking.

I replied with,”No, it’s not like the books, it’s more serious than that. Yes, we have great sex. But even with no sex I would submit to my Master.  He owns me, owas my body, owns my thoughts, owns my actions. This is why I must be pleasing all the time. My ass is on the line, my example should show Him I’m paying attention to what laws He has laid down, as if this is His kingdom and I’m the only servant”.

We shared for a bit. She realized this might not be what she wax looking for. I did direct he to a site where she might find what she is looking for, but to respectfully go to the dom, humbly apologize and ask to speak. He should grant that , as you are new and not fully his. I told her to explain what she was wanting and had no idea what she thought she wanted, and really wanted were 2 different things. I let her know she needed to apologize for letting him believe that she knew what she was doing in our lifestyle, she was in way over her head. 

I showed her how to find someone who could show her the ropes. Get her feet wet so she move much slower at a good pace for her. Maybe find what she desires, but to never waste any doms time. Instead be upfront and honest about all of it, and if he wants to proceed he will let you know. This is the part she still had problems with. 

“But relationships take 2 ppl? I have to pick him too, don’t i?” Newbie

“Yeah sweetie, not here, not this lifestyle.  Once you present yourself to a dom ,it means your interested. Now the ball is in his court. It’s up to him to let you know if you are who he wants.”

She had more to say. She even let me know that from her original mssg many women who called themselves subs/slaves had proceeded to pump her full of misinformation. I did let her know quickly to find a mentor,  do not listen to this new crowd of ppl entering the lifestyle,  I have many years in it, this new crop of sub/slaves are not the real thing. How in the world you think you have a say so about things. Tell him like it is. Let him know he can’t order you around, you’re a person first. Are you kidding me? What kind of lifestyle are these ppl in? I’ve never been in that one.

I know recently telling a friend of mine that my Master and I will be going to an event together, I’m a blue jeans kind of girl, but He has already spoken , and I’m to wear a dress. I’m not excited about that, but I will obey. My Masters happiness is above my own. My friend on the other hand told me to stand my ground, not give in. He needs to realize He can’t push me around, have His way.  Now I love my friend, but she has never been a slave. She doesn’t like it when women give up everything for their Masters. I put my hand on her arm, I looked her in the eye, all I said was, “trust me, He’s worth serving”. The discussion was done. None of my close friends who are physically near me understand being a slave,  they hate it. The only one who gets it and goes thru it as well is (A) love ya girl! If not for her, I would feel alone. Slaves need slave friends for strength. Our lives are not like subs. We have no choices to make, we serve. We don’t speak our mind, we are lead by our Master.  I love my friends but even the babygirls are just to bratty to get it. But I love you all ! 

So to the sweet sub who was feeling lost. I hope that helped spending some time with you. Seemed like it did. I made a new friend!