How did He know…

One thing I’m not is a great communicator. I can write, text, but talk… Not really. I’m just not a big talker. 

Even though I’m like this, He makes me talk. It’s been a long road together, He says “what’s wrong?”, ” What’s on your mind?” Sometimes, honestly I’m not ready to talk, or I’m trying to figure out on my own thoughts ,if this is a big deal or not, what made me change? However, if He’s nearby He notices right away and wants me back to my happy self. I’m usually thinking, ‘ please give me a minute’. With Him, there are no minutes, it’s now. Wow, that’s hard. I have to quickly figure out what changed, why it changed. Some things in my head make no sense to me, so why share them. But I had no idea He was at work! Within me! He knows the abuse I suffered with my ex, thru my childhood. I didn’t even know He was paying attention. He’s been helping me this whole time. Wow. I respect Him so much for that, which adds to the love I feel for Him.

I can’t see the bigger picture here. I never do. Where I think I’m doing fine, He is trying to do His job as my Master. To be perfectly honest, no one before Him ever gave a shit that I was so quiet. In fact, I was judging my exes and past Dom’s for that, now that I think about it. It’s really the reason I knew it was never going to work with any of them. They only wanted sex, not the real me. How can you base any relationship on just sex, not even great sex. Well it wasn’t for me. Daddy will tell me it’s ok if I cared for them, or loved them ,it’s in the past. But to me those feelings weren’t there. I didn’t respect them, they didn’t respect me. I didn’t love them, none treated me with love. They cheated on me, I was crushed one more time and thinking there was something wrong with me. So, how could I ever love any of them. Love is something that I’ve been searching for , and didn’t seem to find. I didn’t tell these men that I loved them, it would have been a lie. I slightly cared about a few, but I knew in my heart it was nothing that was going to last forever. How did I know? I didn’t think about them all day, I didn’t miss them, barely texted, never called them. I didn’t even take any pics with them.  All of these things were different with Daddy! I know myself, I’m real with myself. I hope Daddy understands this better. 

I love sex, but if you can really reach me on a personal level, most haven’t, then what’s the point of having them in my life. I never understood how any of them thought I was enjoying the relationship. They knew nothing about me, nor cared to learn. What’s my favorite color, car, movie,etc… Daddy knows these answers! 

Right off the bat, my Daddy was different. He’s fun, adventurous, and expected me to talk. Now I was alert, omg, I have to talk finally. This has been so different, scary even. What if He doesn’t like what I have to say, or how I think. This kind of connection with Him made things very different between us from the start, and the sex has been mind blowing for me. I even have my orgasms back! I am multi orgasmic, always have been. But once I was married it disappeared in the first few months. Neither separation, nor divorce, or dating brought it back. But this one morning with Daddy OMG! It just happened! He stopped what He was doing, looked at me and said, ” Are you ok? What was that?” I politely smiled at Him, let Him know I was fine and that I’m multi orgasmic and hadn’t done that in a very loooooong time. It was true! I didn’t think I could do that anymore. I remember after Daddy left that morning, thinking to myself, ” I’m back, I’m me again!” I was hooked. I had no idea how this man brought that out in me again, but something was different and I was on a quest to figure it out. 

2 years later, I still can’t tell you why or how my body responds to Him, it just does! And damn it feels good! He loves it! I’m truly with the right person. I get to be with Him forever, I think my body enjoys that as well. Life is Good! And this is exactly how I judge men from my past. 


Never easy, but always worth it!

As I talk to a friend of mine today, she’s excited about her new Dom. I’m excited for her. She’s got her new rules! Knows what he wants and expects from her, she’s happy as a clam! That’s great!

She did ask me if that happiness ever wears off? That’s a tricky one to answer. If it’s the right Dom for you, then no. If he’s not, then it will be short lived. I gave her honesty, it’s best to swallow that pill now.

Shes asking me a ton of questions. She’s so happy! She wants to know why she feels like a school girl. Dominants give us a gift. The gift of freedom! The gift of being our true self. The gift of service to them. He could have picked any female for this job, but it’s mine! It comes with no paycheck, no vacation time, but the perks are plenty!

Freedom just from Him taking over your life! How’s that possible? It’s hard to explain to the vanilla world, but those of us who get it, it’s the most wonderful feeling any submissive, man or woman, can have. My choices are what He allows. I go places, only He allows. I meet up with friends, only He allows. I eat, only what He allows. I drink, only when He allows. I dress how He allows. I cum, only when He allows. I speak, only when He allows. I serve, All the time! I am actually serving in each example listed, by obeying Him. It’s an easy concept, but delivery can be hard as fuck somedays. 

I shall be her support on days when she’s tired of giving, and doing. Forgets why this was such a wonderful life. Trust me, you have those days. But we always get back on track, a great Master knows your human. That you might need a moment to just be you. They watch, observe, and then help you get back to being submissive you, it’s never forced. If it was forced you’d never find joy in it.

Vanilla people serve too. A wife who makes dinner, cleans the home, does laundry, chauffeurs the kids, is her man’s support. Umm hello that’s serving! 

My life is happy! I can understand my friends happiness, because my life rocks too! I have the love of a wonderful man, who’s also my Master. He’s my Daddy, my King, the only man who owns my heart and soul. But He’s also my friend, the one I go to when I’m falling apart, He listens then points out how to find what I’m looking for, makes me laugh! He sings to me! I love our conversations, ok when they aren’t about me being blonde. Yeah, I said it! I won’t remember it in 30 seconds! He encourages me, helps me, believes in me, wants me. I have the most amazing life! Of course we all have our good days and bad days. Make sure the good out number the bad. 

What about Him? Does He feel your love in word and deed? Hopefully so. Does He always want to be in charge? He was born dominant, as I’m born submissive. But He will have good days and bad, He’s human as well. Don’t be so selfish as to think you are the only one who has needs here, they are just different from His own. Men need to feel loved, cherished, women need to feel wanted. Always give your best to your dominant, the rate of return is great. This is where vanilla people get lost. When you communicate, on the same page, roles identified, rules established you can’t help but feel safe, happy. It’s all spelled out before you. You know what’s expected, what will happen, how it will happen. There are no grey areas. But if something is not clear, just ask , your dominant wants you to understand. You won’t be set up to fail, ever. This concept is most definitely lost on vanilla people. 

So, what did we learn today? Lifestyle is pretty easy, we make it harder than it is, we will have some challenges, but it’s always worth it! Live with no (regerts)!!! Yeah I did that on purpose, not cuz I’m blonde, but I am blonde, but cuz  it’s funny. I think I’m funny, Daddy doesn’t! But I am!  Oh forget it!

Together 2 years! And counting…

We are celebrating 2 wonderful, fun filled years together! I can honestly say, I don’t remember ever having this feeling last this long for anyone. In the past I wondered why, ppl would just tell me that we had gotten used to one another, that made no sense. Well, I’m used to my Daddy,but each day is exciting. We still have a kick ass sex life, love and respect for one another! This is definitely all new to me. I find my man interesting to talk to. I love learning new things, we still find more things we have in common. He makes me important, as a slave I’m so NOT used to that. I’m used to serving, never being heard, or treated with great importance. But He’s been different from the start.

This man in my life leaves me speechless. Makes me so happy. 

I told Him how much He’s changed my life, the lives of my children. All I can ever tell Him is how much we all need Him. It’s true, we do!

Where would I even begin to tell Him how much He means to me. There are no words in the English language that can express exactly how I feel. When you feel something for someone that you’ve never felt before, it’s hard to describe. I just know when I’m with Him, I feel loved​, protected, cared for, like He wants the best for me. If I have a problem yo He’ll solve it. ( Sry, vanilla ice ran thru my head!)

I know I repeat myself when I talk about Him. It’s really because I am still trying to process how I got so lucky. I’ve never had anyone in my life ,up to this point that made me feel so happy, usually by this point it was boring, but not Daddy. Plus we still have so much to do together, learn about each other, experience together. Sounds fun and exciting to me!

So, to be able to be with the man I love, have some dinner, enjoy each other’s company. That is my heaven. Sounds pretty perfect to me! 

Thank you Daddy that you want to be here after two years! That you must feel what I feel, how great is that! I’m so glad you’re in my life. Who could ask for anything more.


Nothing to do ( my original story) 

WARNING:( my Master is pushing me right now to see how dirty and filthy my mind is. This story is NOT for everyone, NOT meant to offend anyone, but it is deeper and darker kinks)

Kitten and her friend are bored, didn’t want to see a movie, not hungry, but both girls were horny! Daddy was away on business, so she thought to herself, ” while the Daddy’s away, the kitten will play”. She smiled at her friend and started to gently touch her thigh. Kitten knew what got her going! 

” Wanna play? I do mean dirty! Dirtier than we ever have” kitten said with a smile

“Sure! How dirty?”

” Just close your eyes and trust me” 

Kitten was on her knees before her friend, she grabbed her knees pulled her legs apart, and was inching her way up to her wet spot. Kitten decided to just pull off her shorts, full on spread her legs. Rub and suck her clit,

” I’ll be right back, stay just like that”

Kitten came right back. Her friends legs wide open for her, eyes closed. Kitten put something between her legs, her friend felt this wonderful sensation, started moaning a little. Kitten took her hands and opened her slit further,exposing everything. That sensation was back. Oh it felt good, the moaning was louder. Kitten was getting wet too by just watching. Kitten stopped the sensation, repositioned her friend on the couch so she could take it from behind. Kitten was playing inside her pussy, and let her know she was gonna like what was coming. Kitten could tell that her dog was turned on, and ready to go. She added some lube to her friend since this would be new for them, but kitten had heard how fun it was. Once the dog was really ready she positioned him on her just right and helped him slide it in. The dog started going to town just fucking that pussy. Kitten wondered how her friend would react when she found out who was giving it to her good. 

Her friend was moaning, and let her know she needed to come. This lasted for several minutes. When her friend was done cumming, kitten had hold of the dog and as the friend flipped her towards kitten the smile left her face,

” You let your​ dog fuck me?”

” I just wanted to try something different, did you like it?”

” Well, yes I did like it, but I would never do a dog. But …

” Well he also licked your pussy too”

” That was the dog too? I thought it was you?”

” I just wanted to try something different, if you’re mad I’m sorry”

” I’m just taken aback. You never hear about this sort of thing, it’s so taboo” 

” Well, I won’t tell anyone, want to play with him some more?”

” Can we?”

” Sure, let’s see what happens”

Both girls decided on some naked fun with kittens dog. They sucked off the dog til he came all over them, kitten wanted him in her ass, lots of lube! But she loved it too. They both gave him breaks and played with each other.

One thing they never paid attention to was Daddy had slipped in a while ago, he was watching. He didn’t ruin their fun, but kept an eye on how the girls were enjoying themselves. He did wonder if they’d be up for other animals stuffing them. Maybe even suck off a dog while one fucks from behind, doggie style! That term just took on a whole new meaning!


Bring her to me. ( my original story)

Daddy had not met my younger sister since we had been together, and since we now finally live together I wanted them to meet. She was really my step sister. But we had always been so close, now as adults, we stayed in contact as much as we could. I missed her and she was going to be in town for business, Daddy said to make a dinner reservation for the 3 of us, and tell her we insist she stay with us.

I told her we had dinner planned, and place for her to stay. I didn’t take no for an answer. Later that day before her arrival,Daddy and I had been talking, I was sharing memories of me and my sister. That this one time when we were teens we both shared a guy. Daddy wanted more details!

It was 6 pm, there’s a knock on the door, my sister had arrived. We hugged, and Daddy was coming into the room I got to introduce her to him. Daddy is a very dominant man, but always a gentleman. I knew him finding out about the story of what she and I did with that guy got him going. I could see the gears in his brain just churning. Daddy has the dirtiest mind of anyone I know, I really wondered what he was thinking at that very moment. 

We left for dinner, wine,food, conversation a plenty. We all talked and talked. When Daddy gets this flirty side out, I know he’s reeling one in for us. Then it hit me, ” He’s wanting both of us to fuck my sister”. So, when I told my dominant Daddy the story of our teen years, all he heard was that we had shared a man once in our lives. Oh damn, when Daddy gets an idea in his head he holds into it, doesn’t take no for an answer. How the hell was I getting out of this?

We headed back to our place, got her set up in the spare bedroom. It had been a lovely night. But now Daddy insisted I meet him in our room. I think I knew what was coming. As he closed the door, he turned to me and started talking about how much fun we could have together, all 3 of us. Normally he leaves our vanilla family in the dark about our lifestyle, but not this time.

” Daddy,I can’t she’s my sister, it’s weird”

” Kitten, she’s your step sister, no real relation. So you won’t feel gross. Did you feel gross with sharing a guy when you were a teen? I bet you didn’t. I know how dirty my lil kitten is!”

” But Daddy…”

” Go get her, NOW”

This made me wonder, ‘ why am I with him, does care how weird this will feel for me, no. He does know me, he knows I’m never leaving, I just hate being pushed out of my comfort zone’. Sometimes I love how he thinks, sometimes I hate it. I usually think I’m just not enough for Him.

” I know how you think kitten. You are my everything. You are enough, I just enjoy sex, especially when it’s you and another girl, you never have to think you could be replaced, you can’t. What we have together is rare. But if I tell you to go get her again and you don’t, I will go get her, tie you up with a toy on your clit ,and make you watch she and I. Then when she leaves in the morning I’m going to beat your ass”. ” Do you understand?”

” Yes Sir”. I hurried to her room. I was about to knock, when I heard this sound. It was like light moaning and a buzzing sound coming from her room. I knocked lightly, then I hear everything stop. Finally she came to the door, I asked if I could come in. She opened the door for me. I say on her bed, motioned for her to sit near me.

” I need to ask you something, if you get mad then I’m sorry, but I have to ask. Would you be interested in joining me and my Master for a fun night?” I said

” Omg, are you serious?  I mean it was fun in our teens, but we are grown now” she said

I smiled at her and explained that we do this sort of thing often. And since Daddy knew about the story in our teens, he was wanting to relive it. Would she be interested. And she was. So much so that she leaned in to kiss me. And that lead to more stuff. Daddy knocked on the door, popped his head in, 

” Everything OK in here girls?”. He asked

He saw us kissing, ” mmmm can’t keep your hands or lips off each other, let’s take this to our room” he held out a hand to both of us, ” ladies, shall we?” We both took his hand and he led us to our bedroom. We all walk in together, Daddy closes the door behind us.

” Now girls, we do this my way, only my way. Do you both understand me? Kitten does she get that sex in this house is my way or no way?”

” Yes Sir, we talked about our lifestyle”

” I noticed your talk when I popped my head in” he said. ” When did I give the OK for you to kiss her?”

” You didn’t Sir”. 

” So, what do you think should happen to you kitten?”

” I’m yours Sir, you always do as you wish with your body” I said

” Good girl, now undress, get on your knees, I can’t believe you know me this well and you weren’t already for what’s coming” 

” Sorry Sir” 

” Kitten are you ever allowed to have any sexual encounter, man or woman,  that involves my body?” He barked at me.

” No Sir, I’m not even allowed to touch your property”

” Good, so since you don’t seem to be telling me why you two were doing some kissing and touching together, you already know there’s a punishment coming,”

” Yes Sir”

Daddy has a devious mind, he has my sister undress, has her put a toy on my clit and has her keep me coming, over and over. Daddy has her position her self so he can see her body. ” Don’t stop til I say you can, you’re a bad girl too. Just like my kitten”. My sis smiled at Daddy, ” you have no idea Sir” she said. ” Well why don’t you enlighten me, we’ve got all night”. I listened thru all my moaning. She has been in the lifestyle as well, for a while. Where I am a slave , my sister however was a switch. Daddy and I both thought that was intriguing. He had her move the toy off my clit. He was having her tie me to our bed, in a standing position, he handed her a toy for spanking. 

” Here, let’s see how you do” he said. He gave her a few paddles, floggers, belt,and a crop. He watched how she worked. He paid attention to every detail, He did just hand her His prized possession.

After some fun of watching His kittens ass light up and see her squirm, he was ready to take on both of them. now that he saw her sister and how she is with the LS, he knew she could handle everything he had planned for them. Plus he just let her spank his kitten, she owed him for that one. Kitten was unrestrained and both girls were position that he wanted. On knees on the bed, asses exposed to him. He would fuck one from behind while putting the Hitachi on the other. And back and forth it went til he was done. He sat down in the middle of them and they both reached over giving him a blow job, and kissing each other. He took pics of this monumental occasion. He never had sisters before. And he definitely would want to do this again. 

He laid between them on the bed, and one sat on his cock and rode him, the other day up near his face and got oral from him. The girls were playing with each other and having some fun. This went on for a while. Switching up positions. He was pleased with them both, they were all exhausted and her sister had to head back home on the morning. He helped kittens sister to her feet, as no one slept with him but kitten. She was his, and any others had no place next to her. They were for sex, but kitten was for keeps. 

The next morning came, kitten and Daddy had breakfast ready for everyone. They sent her sister off to her life. 

” Kitten, that was fun. You made me very happy. Tonight will be ours together, be ready for me when I get home.”

” Yes Sir!”
* This is my original story. You may not take it, share it, or photocopy any part without my permission.*. 


Oh the things that I think

I’m worried about lots of shit, here’s part of my list:

Deal with a bankruptcy

Deal with SSI

I need a newer vehicle

Check with MVD

He keeps telling me spankings are coming. 

I will need to start looking at places to live. March is around the corner, I need a plan since my lease is up soon. A hotel might be the answer til I can save up deposits.

Do I look for a new job or hope this one works out fine

I’d like to spend some god damned money on myself. I’m always on the back fucking burner

I hope my son gets his truck running soon, cuz I’m beyond tired, and no one gives a fucking shit

I need some fun. Not sex, but actual fun. I used to be a fun party girl. I really just need to feel like I’m full of life, but sitting at home day after day, weekend after weekend is making me moody as hell. Listening to His fun filled weekends makes me jealous and resentful. I’d like to party with Him, but in 2 years we haven’t had time to do much. I could handle more fun. And by fun, I mean fun, not just sex. 

*This new talking thing is wow*

I think I should start a list of things I want to do.

1. Go to a casino. 2. Party my ass off. 3. I like museums. 4. Monster trucks. 5. Weekend trips. 6. Go see supercross. 7. I will think of more stuff

I will be getting His permission to go and do, go and just be. I need to feel alive again. I need to be around ppl. I need FUN. I know He’s busy, but I need to be out of the house. My babygirl side needs out.

I will just have to get used to go doing stuff alone. I’ve done it before, I can do it again. 

Well, I’ve got lots on my mind, I’ve got some drinking to do! Lots to get done soon


Just a lil advice for any dominant

I’m not an expert on being a dominant, unless I’m in mom mode. Other than that it’s exhausting. I’m never sure why anyone would like it. But this world is full of dominants and submissives. 

My only piece of advice is let your submissive see you, the real you. Don’t be afraid that if we don’t see you as dominant 24/7 we would lose respect for you. We won’t. We need to see your flaws and all. We need to know you’re a real person with emotions, problems. I promise we don’t see you as weak, but that you trusted us, as we must trust you. It only serves to bring you much closer. My Daddy is like this with me. I respect Him so much for letting me be so close even when things are falling apart. 

He’s a human being, in a human world. I serve Him even better once He’s been so open with me. 

I dated dominants before Daddy, one thing Daddy has always done was just be real with me. I was shocked at first by this. I thought He was nuts, but then I saw a side to myself that I only reserved for friends, not one Dom in my life before Daddy got to see my very playful side. It just didn’t happen. Sometimes in this lifestyle I think we do get hung up on our roles that we fit in. We forget there are real people behind the titles. 

He might be my Master, but He could have had a bad day, anything could have happened to Him and as He lets me go thru things with Him I feel so close, more love for Him than I thought possible. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything, what I have with my Daddy is rare and I’m fortunate enough to know that. 

Daddy taught me there’s a time to be His slave, and a time to be His babygirl. And sometimes just a bit bratty, but don’t push it. Who am I kidding,  I push that brat thing a lot. But then He balances it back out. Bends me over whatever furniture is closest and spanks me. Oh yeah I feel it. He’s even let me know He wouldn’t be afraid to spank me in public either, somehow I believe Him. I’m just don’t dumb enough to find out. 

I can tell in most situations what’s expected of me.  Slave, babygirl, woman at His side, biker girlfriend. A few times I don’t know what He’s wanting so slave position it is. He will do this ‘hot as fuck’ growl thing, tell me how beautiful I am as I am honoring Him , I bow for no one but my Daddy, He will stand in front of me, put His hands out for mine , as He guides me up. He lets me know how touched He is that I will honor Him no matter what, but then He looks at me and smiles and says:

“Tonight I don’t want that, I just need to hold you”. It’s like He reads me so well even when His day has gone to crap. I’ve always wanted to know how He knows I just needed to be held for the night. 

Omg, He just needs to hold me! I have value, I’m loved beyond all measure. Where did this man come from. I’m always so thankful He wants me! Billions of women on this planet and this man wants me. Wow.

So to all dominants, let her see the real you. Let her into your heart. Let her dance thru your soul. You just might meet the woman, umm submissive of your dreams! 

( This can go either way,I only write in female submission, not leaving anyone out). 

I hope I don’t overstep my boundaries with any dominant who does read my blog, I mean no disrespect. But I do like feeling close to my Daddy/Master. For the first time ever in this lifestyle and in real life, I’m complete.