Man in the mask

Daddy and I were in for the night. I was on the couch with my phone, he was sitting near me playing His video game. Out of no where He is talking about freaky things I like. We are talking about how I like being overpowered, rape fantasy. I was getting tired and decided to go to bed. I had been asleep for a while.i hear noises in the house, I reach for Daddy but He’s not in bed. 

As I get up to let my eyes adjust to the dark, I hear another noise. I start out of our room and quietly walk down the hall and turn to the left into the kitchen. I don’t see Daddy anywhere. I walk towards Daddy’s mancave. I call for Him,

“Daddy are you in here?”   Still no answer. I reach for the lightswitch but there’s no power to it. WTF? I see something move by the side of my eye, but before I can react whatever it is is moving towards me, and fast. I see something shiny. And within seconds I see a glimpse of light of the moon shining thru the window. I see a man in a mask, I cant tell what’s in his hand. I’m being shoved into the wall, a knife against my throat. 

The man before me is just starring at me. I start to struggle to get lose. 

“Don’t move” says the man in the mask. I don’t move. 

” Where are any valuables?” He says.  ” We don’t have any” I say out of fear, I’m wondering WTF is going on. 

” Don’t lie to me” he says in a deep growl. 

” I’m not” 

He brings His face closer to mine. He runs the cold Steele over my skin, brings the knife to the buttons on my pj’s and cuts it off. He’s does that with the next four buttons. My shirt falls open. He runs the cold Steele over my breasts. I shudder so slightly.

” You dirty girl, you like that” 

” Please stop” I say in a scared voice

” I don’t think so, where’s the bedroom?”

” Please don’t” I say with fear in my voice

” Move. Now.” He says

He grabs me by the arm and starts moving down the hall , ” which one is your room?”.  He lets go of my arm, grabs my hair and forces me close to him. 

” Which one? I won’t ask again”

I point to the last door down the hall on the right. He pushes me into the bedroom and pushes me face down onto the bed. 

” Don’t move” he growls

I’m not about to move. I hear him looking thru the closet. I’m not sure what for. He opens the top of the chest in the corner it’s full of toys and such, Daddy and I love to play. 

” Nice chest, these toys and rope will be great to use on you”.    I’m really not sure what’s going on, but I’m scared, I want my Daddy. He comes back over to me, pulls me so I flip onto my back. He starts tying my wrists. Then runs the rope around my ankles and soon it’s tied into my headboard. He’s stops, I hear more noises down the hall. Within moments there’s another figure of a man that walks thru the door. My fear kicks in even more, I’m fighting against the ropes. 

” Stop. Lay there like a good girl” the new man in the mask says.  I know that voice. The man comes up to me and puts something over my face so I can’t see. 

” Are you wet?” I can feel His hand reach over my thigh straight to the middle of my legs, he spreads them apart. 

” Hmmm, seems like you like this ” he says.  I figured it out, the second man is my Daddy! Oh fuck yeah! I know He will expect me to fight back, so I do. I’m getting wetter as He’s using more toys on me. 

He turns me around, and puts some lube on my ass and He’s sliding in. I am wiggling against the ropes, but He’s got a handful of hair, and pulls back I can’t fight. He’s fucking my ass so hard, oh yes. He puts a toy on my clit and I go crazy, I more wet. I can hardly breathe.

” You can’t cum” he says.  That is so difficult, I’m ready to let go, I need that release. We go thru a while of playing like this. He ends with cumming all over my face. I’m am so wanting to cum, but I hold it back. He stops, moves the toys from my body, unties me, puts my clothes back on, lays me in bed and kisses my forehead as my body is just spent. 

A bit later He comes to bed and snuggles up next to me, just holds me. That was the best time ever!
* This is my original story, you may not use in anyway. Thank you for respecting that. 2-26-17