Here’s to us

As we began this journey ahead of us, I can’t help but notice everything is about to change again. I’m very excited, I’m ready.  I know you will push me to change, to grow, to learn all ways to please you. And you know I’m fine as long as you feed me bbq.

Everyday will be us ,Together in this thing called life. Learning more about each other , more than we have the last few years. 

I fear I will never be all that you want or need. I’m just not enough, but you’re still standing here. You try to tell me I am, but I don’t listen very well at times. Then the other night when you told me why you love me, why you picked me, how much I matter to you. It was beautiful, I was just blown away. No one has ever loved me so much. Thank you❤️

Recently, we toasted, to us. I felt something I hadn’t before.  Like my life is right where it should. I felt happy, peaceful. Sex was beyond perfect, omg!! Laughing together like I do with friends, I realize you really are my best friend, my lover, my Daddy, my Master, my King, Everything I need all rolled into one!

I wonder what the future holds. How many years we get? I’m thankful for each day with you. I’m happy to be taking this step with you. I honestly never saw you coming. I start to think to myself of all we’ve gone thru these 2 years. Honestly, if we hadn’t taken our time to grow together most of this crap could have torn us apart. I’m truly glad that we went slow, and now look at us! Going thru some very stressful stuff and as we needed a moment to take it all in, and process. Once the dust settled, look at us! Standing here, side by side, stronger than ever!  

All that we will go thru as we spend our lives together. I’m excited to see our family grow together.  As we raise the kids, have time together,making memories . Life can only be summed up in one word:



Love my life!

The title says it all! I’ve had the most incredible time with more bonding time with my Master/Daddy. We are pulling our families together before we start more on this journey ahead. I do feel guilty as I don’t get more time with His children, but I’m sure I’ll get that in time.

As some friends, and some readers of my blog,  have told me they love what my Master and I have together. That’s great,  but they have not seen how we got here. We both have had our moments when we needed time to make sure this was really what we wanted. This lifestyle does not promise to be easy, you must still do the hard work just like any relationship.  I’ve been angry as hell as few times, enough to make me want to ask to be released, but so has he. ( well He didn’t need to ask to be released,  but you get what I meant!).  We have both been that irritated with one another,  but we pushed through and came out on the other side. It made us closer, more transparent with each other. 

Everyone has those days that they just need a day off. My Master and I are no different. He has many things going on in His life, as do I. We are not always together,  but we are 24/7. So we are always on. There are those days when we both feel like we need time to just be a person. Not a parent, not a couple, not a Master/ slave, not even a Daddy/Babygirl. But we take the time we need. I do still check in ,but I know my rules. I don’t bug Him unless I absolutely need to, or just miss the shit out of Him! We worked at this for quite sometime , it’s not perfect but it works for us. We have even let each other know that once we are under the same roof we will still have time apart. It does renew you, and while we are off doing our own thing, we do miss each other. That shows me that we both want this, it just works for us.

Next month, it will be a year and a half for us as Master/slave. I’m super excited, because I can honestly say it’s never worked out this well with anyone before. Granted we both have our days when the world kicks our ass, but we do support one another to get right back on track. We are stronger than we’ve ever been. And that gets stronger all the time. I love to look at Him,  watch Him with life, or kids and I just think to myself; ” how did I get so lucky?” 

As we make more plans for our future! Watching things unfold for us is getting exciting. We have a time when we know we will be under the same roof. We just recently, decided to really think about starting our own family!  If you’ve read my blog then you know how I’ve felt that the only thing that would be missing between, a child of our own. We have not been promised that, but it seems it may turn out to be possible. As we have not talked at great lengths about this yet, the idea has merit. We are on the same page it would seem. I’m so excited that we could be parents again, my only worry is what if it’s twins? He smiled,  He wasn’t worried at all. The thought of having ‘our’ own child together is really a happy thought for me, to actually be with a real man who is excited about that thought makes me over the top! It could be to soon to share this, but I’m excited and happy! 
Just always keep in mind that what you see, or think you see took work. Hard work. We are a solid couple now. I’m not sure there won’t be things that challenge us ever again.  There are a few things that still need to be worked on for me to feel 100% better, but they are in progress. I like that Master and i never go to fast, we let things fall into place as it should. I never see a reason to rush things , if it’s supposed to be , it always find a way! That fact that He and I are still standing here, side by side ,proves that we are a strong couple. We can get through anything together.  I love our journey, it’s messy, but it’s ours!  I can think of only 1 thing that I do want to go faster on… babies! Neither of us are getting any younger! Lol

I can hardly wait to see what the new year bestows on us?

Daddy’s lil Monster♡

Yes I can be! But I love my Daddy, I respect Him, our relationship.  So, if I’m gonna be a lil monster I usually have an agenda, or a damn good reason,like.. ‘ i just want my way!’

I know I can’t pull my shit with Daddy. But the rest of the world… well He hasn’t made any rules about that, so I guess the world really is my playground.

Yesterday i just didnt feel like paying full price for much. I got a FREE oil change from flirting. Then got a discount on my movie ticket. No one would ever believe it, but i have my receipt and movie stub, and oh yeah, witnesses . Between my son and my bff they were amazed how dumb some men can be. I  didnt touch them, i didnt promise sex, no dirty pics, just the lip that says ‘im sad and i want my way’, a smile and a hair toss. 

My son said you do the same thing each time,  these men they only see you like 5 minutes, but you get your way, and you’re gone. 

He spoke of the only man who will not give me my way, just flat out refuses, Daddy. My son quickly caught on, these men dont interest me, i just want my way, and i get my way.  But the only man i want…Daddy. Daddy has this hold on me like a spell. 

Daddy is the only man i respect, cause He can read me, He knows men can be stupid fall for it, Daddy knows I’ve had a lifetime of knowing how to get my way. But thats not really what i want.I really want a man who can stand up to me, be in charge,  take the lead, yet treat me like His queen. Daddy, the only man who has told me no and meant it. I am like a kid, i know i shouldn’t always have my way, but if you are a weak man that is not my fault,  nor does it interest me. I know if i can get my way and you dont know me, i have the upper hand, go away. 

I may flirt to get my way, but i never do anything that would push Daddy away, or make Him question my love for Him. Plus i tell Him when I’ve used my powers of flirting. Because i want Him to trust me . If He said i had to stop, never do that again, i would. He’s made no such rule, only never touch anyone/no one touches me, and never cheat. I didnt do any of those things. Like i said i told Him promptly.

I like getting my way. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to get Daddy to let me have my way except once in a blue moon, but i doubt it.  He’s been the same from day one.

Hmm, exciting, don’t ya think!

can i have my way????
– babygirl

Let’s talk about the word ‘Daddy’ and it’s true meaning. 

What am I talking About? Well over the last few years bdsm has been growing in leaps and bounds. Some of the changes are good, some bad. If you are in the lifestyle for real then you are tired of the fakes, and wannabes. But let’s move on to cover the newest phenomenon, the role of a Daddy. Is this real or fake, is it a real name you say to Him or just a fun and dirty nickname. 

Let’s take a look at the vanilla side. It’s a cute nickname when you want your mans attention, to give him the go ahead to make a move. But it’s not a name you use out of the bedroom, in front of anyone. It’s all in fun. There’s nothing wrong with that!
But let’s take a deep look into a bdsm dynamic of a Daddy, see why this one is more real, it’s not a cute nickname, its actually a title of great respect. It’s about your male counterpart taking on the responsibility of being a very nurturing caregiver and disciplinarian to his female counterpart. He guides, gives rules/structure to her life. He’s in authority over her, much like bdsm Masters/doms, but with a twist! 

In this dynamic the Daddy will have a partner that is referred to as a little. While even the title of ‘little’ has had to grow and expand to cover the many facets of these childlike women. Some are baby-like, some toddlers, some young kid, pre teens, and teens. These women know themselves well enough to identify where the child in them identifies on this scale. I am more of a teenager. 

This is the point I need to stress that this is NOT role play for us. We actually so safe within our relationship with Daddy that we want to relinquish control to a real dominant, Daddy, and be able to be ourselves, our true personality. For us little, or middles this is not fake. It’s actually very freeing, we are always childlike, and will continue to be no matter how old we actually are. Being forced to be an adult in this world, now that feels forced and fake. 

We are smart, intelligent, strong, capable women. We can run a household, hold jobs, some of us are professionals in our field of choice. We are wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters. You can’t pick us out of a crowd, well most of the time! If Daddy and I are in public and I see hello kitty stuff I’m gonna be childlike! I talk like a teen. Act like a teen. Dress for Daddy like a teen. But I can turn it off to my life, take care of the kids, be there for Daddy. 

In this psychosexual dynamic, it’s most wonderful and healthy. There is trust, devotion, care, love , unconditional support from both partners. How will she learn to be her true babygirl self without you showing her it’s ok. But she returns that favor to show you it’s safe to be Daddy,  take care of her in all ways. 

How important is a Daddy?  Very.  He handles rewards, punishments, rules, structure, dress codes, curfews, bed times, how she eats, where she goes, who she’s allowed to be with, her training, timeouts, lectures, spankings, and more…

This dynamic is so new to bdsm that you can really personalise it how you need it to be. Masters/Doms Have been written about so much that we know what to expect from both dominat roles. But the Daddy role is just as dominant. Daddy can be as lenient or strict as He wants to be. It’s really up to the Daddy. He can best read you and what you really need/want. 

This is NOT role playing. The part that is , is the cute outfits, pigtails, socks, toys, diapers, binkies, blankies, stuffies, coloring books. This is part of your little but some of these can be just for fun, at times! While for others it’s all the time and always needing these things. See, completely up to You! That’s freeing! Finding the Daddy that meshes well with you and wants this responsibility,  priceless!

This is absolutely a real relationship. You can marry each other and still be in this dynamic. Date each other and do this dynamic. It’s emotionally and spiritually as close as you can get to another person. Enjoy. But do take it seriously, we do! 

Way more to it than just a cute nickname

What are the odds?

Today just sucked ass, plain and simple. My Daddy is facing a dilemma, one that could put some pressure in our lives. One thing I do know we are a strong couple. We can make it thru anything. I know this because we are both strong people in our own right. I only bow to Him, not this world. I only serve Him, not this world. 

While we are both nervous about the odds of what could happen, we are both thinkers and planners. Life has given both of us bad odds before, and we kicked ass. Now, we kick ass together! That makes us one hell of a couple. There’s nothing we can’t face together. Not that we want to face the bad shit life hands you, but we know we can survive! 

If you know me, I’m already working on a plan. I’m sure Daddy is too.

I love my Daddy so much! I know He loves me!