Trust, do I trust Him?

Well, isn’t that the question of the day. I have trusted Him for the last two years. So as He is changing things does my trust just stop, did I hit a wall. Where am I?

Let’s get to these questions after explaining what’s changing. He wants poly. That’s not a surprise, but it won’t be two sided, just Him. I’m fine with that. I get my needs met with Him. I don’t like sleeping around, I like security and I have that with Him. 

Do I care if He has others? Not really, as long as I have plenty of time with Him, see that I’m important, I will need to trust that He won’t let any woman come between us. I still need ‘us’ time, time as a family, sex, dates,etc…

I was in a group discussion on fb about this subject. It was interesting. Yesterday, He didn’t think I trusted Him. I do trust Him. Now I’ve had time to process and here’s how I feel.

I know Him really well. He’s a thinker, He’s a smart man. I know He loves me. He’s shown me that I can trust Him with other things, important things. 

Such as: He’s great with the kids, they all love and adore Him. He’s never cheated on me. He knows me better than anyone. So I’m just gonna have to trust that He’s put thought into everything. EVERYTHING. I will have to trust that We are important and He will protect what we have. That He knows how special it is to me to call Him, the love of my life, Daddy, so plz don’t let another female take for granted what is sacred to me, plz. I will trust He knows how much this means to me. I will trust that He knows I need His time and attention or we won’t last forever. 

As I see it, He’s wanting us to grow together. So I’m just gonna have to trust that He’s thinking about us, our future. 

I think this is what He meant. I’m sure he’ll let me know.